Off-The-Shelf Content Library
Why Immersive Learning?
Talespin’s immersive content is proven to deliver better learning ROI across metrics. Powered by CoPilot Virtual Human Training Technology, the learning modules enable learners to develop crucial softs skills through role play with virtual human characters. Through advanced virtual human animations, conversational interactions and voice input, Talespin’s content delivers a level of quality and user engagement beyond what is typically possible through role play or remote learning solutions like e-learning and traditional video.
Proven ROI
A study that Talespin partnered with PwC on revealed that VR learners were 4x faster to train than in the classroom, 3.75x more emotionally connected to content, 275% more confident to apply what they learned, 4x more focused than e-learners and that VR training is more cost effective at scale. Read more from the VR soft skills training study.
Safe Place to Fail
Practice and master crucial soft skills in a judgement-free environment with unlimited redos
Emotionally Realistic
Emotional realism and interactivity portrayed by virtual humans create a strong sense of presence for the learner, increasing retention
Real-Time Feedback
Learners receive constructive feedback during the immersive learning experience and skills development insights
Scalable Deployment
Effective, off-the-shelf solutions that can easily be deployed to engage learners wherever they are
Off-the-Shelf Content Library
Our off-the-shelf content simulates conversational role play with virtual humans on crucial soft skill subject matter, accelerating learning, making learners more confident, and increasing knowledge retention. The content titles in our off-the-shelf library deliver learning for critical leadership and communication skills use cases.
Skills in Focus:
• Critical Thinking
• Cultural Intelligence
• Decision Making
• Empathy
• Impartiality  
• Respectfulness
• Self-Awareness
• Self-Evaluation
‍ • Resolving Issues
Learning Module
Recognizing Bias
Learners must interview three candidates and find the right one for the role, while learning how to identify and mitigate common biases found in the workplace.
Skills in Focus:
Being Present 
Growth Mindset 
Natural Paraphrase 
Powerful Questions 
Probing Questions 
Purposeful Inquiry
Risk Awareness
Learning Module
Practicing Self-Awareness
Learners must effectively identify and manage their emotions in a meeting about a project that went awry.
Skills in Focus:
• Managing Difficult
• Constructive Feedback
• Conflict Resolution
• Verbal Communication
• Resolving Issues
• Respectfulness
• Empathy
• Positive Reinforcement
• Probing Questions
• Motivating
Learning SERIES
Effective Feedback
Learners practice giving performance feedback to peers and direct reports in multiple scenarios.
Skills in Focus:
• Other-Awareness
• Active Listening
• Speaking Succinctly
• Self-Awareness
• Affect Regulation
• Psychological Safety
• Empathy
• Purposeful Inquiry‍
• Establishing Next Steps
• De-Escalation
• Productive Disagreement ‍
• Problem Solving
Learning SERIES
Leading through Uncertainty
Leaders and managers practice key communication skills for guiding teams through crisis situations.
Content Library Roadmap
Talespin is building an off-the-shelf immersive learning content library that features training modules for critical leadership and communications skills.
  • Effective Feedback
  • Behavioral Feedback
  • Performance Feedback
  • Positive Feedback
  • Leading Through Uncertainty
  • Communicating Succinctly
  • Managing Frustration
  • Supportive Leadership
  • Conflict and Compromise
  • Empathetic Persuasion
  • Emotional Intelligence Essentials
  • Practicing Self-Awareness
  • Applying Social Awareness
  • Psychological Safety
  • Critical Thinking Essentials
  • Recognizing Bias
  • Logical Fallacies
  • Factual Conversations
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Addressing Microaggressions
  • Talking About Identity
  • Leading With Inclusivity
  • Communication Essentials
  • Active Listening & Inquiry
  • Structuring Effective Conversations
  • Advanced: Difficult Conversations
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Mentorship Conversations
Cross-Platform Content Delivery
Talespin’s immersive learning content can be delivered via desktop streaming, desktop applications, and across XR devices, meeting learners anywhere, at any time. Organizations can select the delivery method that best aligns to their goals, lowering the barrier to entry for immersive learning.
Skills Insights, Performance Scoring and Training Administration Powered by The Talespin Platform
Talespin’s immersive learning modules feature real-time scoring and feedback for user skills development, and integrate with the Talespin platform for skills data reporting and training administration.
  • Scale XR applications efficiently throughout your organization
  • Administer XR applications to local and distributed teams from one platform
  • Access advanced employee learning and performance insights
  • Realize the proven ROI of XR in your business
  • Align knowledge delivery and experience building to fill skill gaps
  • Identify and assess learner knowledge, skills, and attributes
  • Dashboards and analytics to gain insights into behavior change
  • Historical training data
  • Learner management and training administration
  • xAPI integration to track decision points in interactive learning modules such as module completion and engagement throughout an experience
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