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Virtual Reality Insurance Training
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The Future of Work is Coming to Insurance
The insurance industry faces critical challenges that are reshaping the industry and dramatically transforming how organizations work in the sector. From automation and technological advances to new generations entering the workforce, insurers are navigating significant changes as they seek to adapt and advance their businesses.
With a shortage of insurance professionals, there is a focus to attract and retain new and tenured employees. Every day, nearly 10,000 baby boomers retire in the United States. Of those retiring, 25% are expected to be insurance professionals. To add to this workforce challenge, just 4% of millenials expressed a desire to work in the insurance sector.

With this talent exodus in progress, reskilling is a critical strategy to protect insurance organizations. Replacing an employee can cost more than 100 percent of the role’s annual salary, while successful reskilling can cost less than 10 percent of a role’s salary. Tomorrow’s insurance professionals will perform what the industry is calling ‘super jobs’ of the future.

At Talespin, we view immersive technology as the solution that will help insurers embrace these changes and transform their workforce practices to deliver the best possible customer and employee experiences. We’ve spent the past 5 years working with leading insurers and SMEs to develop XR (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) workforce solutions specifically designed for insurers.
“The insurance industry has always placed a premium on having great people; insurance is built on trust - the promise to pay future claims when calamity strikes. As the industry continues to modernize in the digital age, successful companies will be those that address the scarcity of human capital and successfully conduct talent transformations.”
Insurance Training Outcomes Using Immersive Learning
Insurance training using Talespin platform is proven to deliver better learning outcomes that other forms of training can’t compete with:
Accelerated Learning
Immersive learning content’s ability to teach people skills faster with longer knowledge retention helps insurance professionals maximize training time and upskill as their roles change.
Confidence building
Insurance claim representatives deal with clients in situations that are hard to manage and deal with, and having the confidence to approach these topics in times of distress are crucial. Practicing skills through immersive learning is proven to increase confidence when acting on learned subject matter in the field.
Emotional engagement
Insurance professionals need emotionally realistic training to prepare for the challenging situations they face on a regular basis. Immersive learning’s ability to simulate scenarios through virtual human role play helps people practice these situations in simulations that feel real.
See Skill Development In real time
Personalize training for your workforce based on real-time skills data, filling skill gaps to help learners in their journey of meeting the demands the insurance sector faces in the future of work.
Better remote learning
With large portions of training moved to virtual modalities, virtual role play powered by immersive technology creates more engaging, realistic, and scalable training programs than video conferencing or e-learning solutions.
Measured skills improvement
Not only is immersive learning delivering an average of more than 20% improvement for skills practiced, it also offers a more tangible way to score and measure skills over time. This helps learners pinpoint areas for improvement and track skill progression.
Use Cases for Immersive
Insurance Training
Immersive learning can be applied across insurance training use cases, giving learners access an infinite number of realistic roleplay scenarios:
Leadership & Communication
  • Bias management
  • Communication of policy
  • Insured conversation about litigation
  • Emotional/financial loss
  • Personality assessment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Active listening
  • First notice of loss
  • Interviewing skills
  • Requirements/information gathering
  • Self awareness/management
automotive property damage
  • Estimate explanation
  • Vendor negotiation
  • Customer negiotation
  • Negotiation skills
  • Mutual understanding with medical teams
  • Apply facts to loss of coverage
  • Legal nomenclature
  • Legal process
  • Receiving statements
Insurance Training Powered By Talespin
The Talespin platform offers easy-to-adopt off-the-shelf learning content for common communication skill use cases, the ability to create custom role play simulations at scale, and skills data analytics to measure and track skills development.

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