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Distributing Immersive Learning Content: An Overview of XR devices, 2D Devices and LMS Integration for Immersive Learning

December 15, 2022
Written by:
Talespin Team

Immersive learning, XR, virtual humans, there is a lot to know and learn about the Metaverse, and many people are left with unanswered questions. Luckily for you, we wrote a blog on the important terms to know: Metaverse 101.

There is no question that immersive learning is effective. However, a common topic of conversation is how easily this medium and XR content can be accessed by learners and distributed by organizations. How do you distribute content to XR headsets? Can immersive learning content be consumed on desktop devices? What about LMS and LXP integrations? 

At Talespin, we took these questions and pain points into consideration as we built our immersive learning platform. With our off-the-shelf content library, no-code content authoring tool, and an app that distributes content across devices and integrates with enterprise learning platforms, we are making it easy to bring the benefits of immersive learning to enterprise learning and development.

Read on to find out how immersive learning content can be distributed and accessed. Disclaimer - it’s easier than you think. 

Blog Content:

  • Opening Thoughts
  • A Look Back: Overcoming the Challenges of Immersive Learning Adoption
  • Making Immersive Learning Content Hardware Agnostic
  • The Flexibility of Immersive Learning
  • Final Thoughts

A Look Back: Overcoming the Challenges of Immersive Learning Adoption

Learning is proving to be one of the most impactful use cases for the technologies of the Metaverse and is playing an increasingly influential role in the workplace. Since the beginning of our journey at Talespin, we have been working to lower the barrier to entry that exists for this powerful technology. 

Just a few years ago immersive learning’s ability to transform skills development was apparent, but the L&D industry faced significant challenges in its journey to adoption. Content was too expensive to create, affordable off-the-shelf content libraries did not yet exist, and content distribution for large distributed workforces was an issue. 

The three key components of the Talespin platform include a content creation tool, content library, and data and analytics dashboard

Since 2015, our team at Talespin has been building a foundation to help the L&D industry and learners everywhere adopt immersive learning. Our platforms key components are designed to erase these pain points:

  • CoPilot Designer - a no-code authoring tool, putting the power in the hands of creators to author immersive learning content. CoPilot Designer enables authors to create dynamic conversational learning content where learners practice role play with emotionally realistic virtual humans.
  • Off-the-Shelf Content Library - a content library of more than 10+ hours of immersive soft skills learning content, covering crucial workplace leadership and communication use cases
  • Talespin App - is the central location for learners to access all immersive content, including off-the-shelf and custom experiences.
  • Dashboard - in Dashboard, L&D leaders and managers can access advanced skills data to measure and track learner’s progression in skills development

XR Hardware Advancements That Benefit Immersive Learning

As we’ve built our platform with this in mind, the XR industry has made continued advancements in hardware to further proliferate the technology. New headset models that have entered the market, like the Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2, a standalone device (not tethered to a PC) that is significantly smaller and cheaper than their predecessors, for example. Updates like this make XR hardware more accessible for both enterprise customers and individual consumers.

Virtual reality devices are an important part of the immersive learning ecosystem. But, it is not the only hardware that can deliver immersive learning experiences.

Making Immersive Learning Content Hardware Agnostic

What do we mean by immersive learning? Immersive learning leverages scenario-based learning to simulate common real-world situations, and effectively prepare learners for scenarios found in daily job activities. Learners are ‘immersed’ in realistic environments to develop skills in a safe place to fail, with no judgment. 

Many organizations are at different stages in their immersive learning adoption journey. For some, this may mean that they have not yet leveraged virtual reality hardware. Others may have invested heavily in VR devices. However, VR is not the only hardware that can be used to consume immersive learning, as 2D devices like desktop computers and laptops can deliver these experiences for learners.

Experience immersive content across VR and 2D devices.

Through the Talespin platform, immersive learning content can be experienced across VR and desktop devices with a desktop application or through a web-based browser. 

Talespin content can be experienced across the following devices:

  • Meta Quest Pro
  • Meta Quest 1 & 2
  • PC
  • Mac

The Flexibility of Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is proving to be a flexible addition to learning and development programs, as it can be applied alongside other traditional learning modalities, or delivered to learners in a fully immersive learning program.

For tailored immersive learning programs, organizations are leveraging the Talespin platform to design effective learning programs in several ways:

  1. Adopt the complete off-the-shelf content library
  2. Utilize specific immersive experiences from the off-the-shelf content library
  3. Pair off-the-shelf immersive content with custom content
  4. Create, design and publish a fully custom immersive content library

Adopt immersive content in various ways to meet the needs and demands of your organization and workforce.

Accessing Immersive Learning Content Utilizing the Talespin Platform

Regardless of how immersive learning experiences are integrated into learning programs, determining how to provide learners with access to the content still needs to be accounted for. Powered by the Talespin platform, learning content can be distributed through two methods:

  • Integration with a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
  • Powered by the Talespin App across devices

Seamlessly distribute immersive content to entire organizations or teams.

LMS/LXP Integration for Immersive Content

For many organizations, learning management systems (LMS) are an integral part of their learning and development programs. When further extending these programs, we understand that you will want to keep this system at the center. Talespin offers a packaged integration solution to allow your learners to easily access Talespin content within your existing LMS or LXP.

Just like adding other learning content to your LMS, a .zip file will be provided to upload into your LMS, making integrating immersive content quick and easy. This out-of-the box integration supports all major learning standards including SCORM 1.2, 2004, AICC, CMI5, xAPI, LTI 1.1, and LTI 1.3.

Supported platforms include: Cornerstone OnDemand, Go1, SAP, and Workday.

Talespin App

Talespin App is the foundation of content distribution to workforces of any size. From off-the-shelf content to custom learning experiences, content can be distributed and accessed across different devices; VR and/or 2D devices. 

Distribute learning content to entire organizations, departments or individual learners to customize learning journeys. Organization leaders, managers, and learning and development professionals can review and analyze learning content and progress through the Talespin Dashboard to influence future learning and development programs.

Final Thoughts

Immersive learning has proven itself as an effective and engaging learning modality. Being able to distribute immersive content across devices and platforms is critical to help people realize these benefits. At Talespin we’re making that possible across devices and platforms, and lowering the barrier to entry for learners and organizations. 

To bring your immersive learning programs to the next level, check out the Talespin blog for further analysis, updates, and Metaverse intel.

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