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Immersive learning module
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Enter The Metaverse
Playing the role of the city commissioner, the learner meets with Dora Willits, CLO of Alternate Charge. Alternate Charge's transition into the consumer market has left many employees feeling unprepared. Learners guide Dora as she explores immersive learning as a solution to address the skills gap.
Skills practiced
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Risk Assessment
  • Innovation
  • Critical Thinking
  • VR Knowledge
  • AR Knowledge
Module Details
Lesson description
  • The learner speaks with their assistant, Nia Okoro, about their upcoming meeting with Dora Willits, CLO of Alternate Charge, who seeks advice about a new initiative.
  • Dora Willits seeks guidance on her company’s retention dilemma. Alternate Charge’s employees are quitting and the churn rate is sky-high. The company has recently made the jump into the consumer market, and many don’t feel equipped with the skills to handle the pivot. The CEO of Alternate Charge is worried and holds Dora responsible for adopting new training for employees. Since he’s heard competitors are adopting immersive learning, he’s asking that Dora adopt immersive learning to optimize the company’s training, and hopefully stop the churn.
  • The learner meets with the Innovation Learning Specialist to learn about various immersive learning technologies and determine what would be the best technologies for Alternate Charge to focus on.
  • The learner meets with the Innovation Learning Specialist to learn about about the uses, risks, and benefits of augmented reality in the workplace
  • The learner meets with Dora Willits to explain how Alternate Charge might use immersive learning technology and the risks and benefits associated with adoption. The learner must determine what learning and development needs AR and VR can help support and establish next steps for Alternate Charge.
Target learners
  • Everyone
  • None
  • Meta Quest 2 & Pro
  • Desktop Streaming
The Benefits of Immersive Learning
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