Learning Content
Immersive learning module
Change is unavoidable, and adaptability enables learners to thrive in novel and unpredictable circumstances. To be adaptable means to be able to recognize a need for change, be able to adjust to change, and implement change.
Module Details
Learners will apply social and emotional skills in an effort to respond appropriately to shifting workplace circumstances or team dynamics, modify behavior, and generate solutions when faced with a rapidly changing work situation.
Skills practiced
  • Adaptability
  • Probing Questions
  • Active Listening
  • Innovation
  • Open-Mindedness
Module Details
Learning objectives
  • Learners will be able to identify opportunities to practice adaptability on the job
  • Learners will be able to demonstrate adaptability in the workplace.
Target learners
  • Everyone
  • None
  • Meta Quest 2 & Pro
  • Desktop Streaming
Reliance Immersive Learning Series
The 'Reliance' immersive learning series gives learners the opportunity to practice and build the key skills required to establish, recognize and increase trust within the workplace. Powered by Talespin's CoPilot soft skills training platform, learners engage in roleplay with emotionally realistic virtual human characters where they can experience high levels of engagement, increased knowledge retention, and greater confidence in their abilities to apply the subject matter learned.
The Benefits of Immersive Learning
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