CoPilot designer
CoPilot Designer Overview
CoPilot Designer enables authors to create dynamic conversational learning content where learners practice role play with emotionally realistic virtual humans.
  • Deliver emotionally engaging, voice-driven learning experiences
  • Intuitive UI/UX to create and refine story-based learning narratives with advanced logic
  • Aids learning designers, visual designers, and narrative designers in creating a new generation of immersive learning content
  • Customize learning content using an extensive library of virtual environments and virtual characters with customizable gestures, poses and emotions
  • Create content deployable to the Talespin App, where users can access all available immersive learning content through their VR headset, including Meta Quest, desktop applications and desktop streaming
Desktop application now available on PC and Mac devices
CoPilot Results
Learning content created with CoPilot designer is proven to deliver learning and business ROI. In a VR soft skills training study Talespin collaborated on with PwC, CoPilot learning content outperformed traditional e-learning and classroom learning.
What Creators are Saying
“I’ve created this in under an hour and it’s shockingly close to something of actual value”
CoPilot Designer Components
Project Configuration
A central location for authors to configure projects, determine content grouping, and select from an extensive library of virtual environments and virtual human characters.
  • Create and configure projects consisting of different types of flows, such as pre-assessments, lessons, and post-assessments
  • Flexibility to create complex content, like a multi-lesson learning module, or simple, like a single dialogue exchange
  • For each flow, select a virtual environment and place one or more virtual humans from an ever-growing library
  • Mix and match virtual humans characters and voice-templates to customize the learning experience
Check out the virtual asset libraries:
Performance Editor
Performance Editor is where users bring their content to life, using Talespin’s library of out-of-the-box animations such as gestures, poses and emotions.
  • No animator or coding experience required to animate the voices, emotions, and body language. Rapidly author character performances with a simple drag and drop track system
  • Easily select from an extensive library of out-of-the-box animations to design how virtual humans interact in the immersive experience. Full control of the level of expressiveness portrayed by the virtual humans
  • Review animations and interactions in real-time 3D, using various camera angles, to optimize learner experience
  • Voice the virtual humans using text-to-speech, in-tool capture, or import your own voice audio
CoPilot Designer Features
Language Capabilities
CoPilot Designer currently supports the creation of immersive learning content in 9 languages, with additional language support on our product roadmap. Check out the current language capabilities, unlocking the possibility to reskill and upskill workforces across the globe:
spanish - spain
german - germany
English - U.S.A
french - canada
french - france
spanish - mexico
italian - italy
portuguese - brasil
portuguese - portugal
The navigation of the Talespin App and getting into immersive content for the learner will be in American-English. The experience and interactions themselves will be in the predetermined language.
Distribute Immersive Content to Learners Across VR and
Desktop Devices
Integrate your learning management system (LMS) with the Talespin Platform. Supported standards include: SCORM 1.2, 2004, AICC CMI5, xAPI, LTI 1.1, LTI1.3.
*Use of an enterprise LMS/LXP is optional.
Talespin App
Talespin App distributes content to learners across devices.
XR Devices
Learning modules can be delivered as VR experiences on the Meta Quest.
2D devices
Learning modules can be downloaded as a desktop PC application, or streamed via a secure link through web browsers on PC and Mac desktop devices.
Skills Insights, Performance Scoring and Training Administration Powered by The Talespin Platform
Talespin’s immersive learning modules feature real-time scoring and feedback for user skills development, and integrate with the Talespin platform for skills data reporting and training administration.
  • Scale XR content efficiently throughout your organization
  • Administer XR applications to local and distributed teams from one platform
  • Access advanced employee learning and performance insights
  • Realize the proven ROI of XR in your business
  • Align knowledge delivery and experience building to fill skill gaps
  • Identify and assess learner knowledge, skills, and attributes
  • Dashboards and analytics to gain insights into behavior change
  • Historical training data
  • Learner management and training administration
  • xAPI integration to track decision points in interactive learning modules, such as module completion and engagement throughout an experience
Come Create With Us
CoPilot Designer Quick Start Activation Program
To help customers get started creating their own immersive learning content, we’ve created the CoPilot Designer Quickstart Activation Program. New CoPilot Designer customers get the opportunity to work alongside the Talespin team to learn how to use the tool, and create their own dynamic virtual human learning module.
Learn to use copilot designer
Through training with the Talespin team, participants will learn to use CoPilot Designer to design, internally test, and utilize custom immersive courses on the Talespin platform.
Guided Support
Guided Support: The program will take participants through an onboarding session, Talespin’s learning design process, and best practices for CoPilot Designer, covering and delivering the content and objectives outlined in each sprint.
Immersive Learning course
By the end of this program, the organization will have created an immersive learning course that can be published and used by their organization.
Ready to create
Participants will be set up for long-term success and ready to take over content creation, broaden their XR content authorship and realize new use cases for immersive learning across their organization.
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