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Why CoPilot Designer?
In the age of Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence is more important than ever.
  • CoPilot Designer creates content that improves the human skills that maintain our value in the labor market
  • CoPilot Designer uses AI to create a new paradigm of XR content - Faster, Cheaper, and Higher Quality - pick all three
  • Make custom XR simulations for any conversational learning use case with no code or animation
  • Collaborate in real-time with colleagues to create XR content
  • Create content once and publish to XR and 2D devices, and integrate with your LMS
  • Access real-time skills analytics from XR learning modules
Deliver Better Learning Results
Learning content created with CoPilot Designer is proven to deliver learning and business ROI. In a VR soft skills training study Talespin collaborated on with PwC, CoPilot learning content outperformed traditional e-learning and classroom learning.
CoPilot Designer Key Components
Set Up Your Immersive Learning Project
Project Configuration is a central location for you and your colleagues to start new projects and view your immersive content titles.
  • Access CoPilot Designer through a web app on your PC or Mac device
  • View where your project is in the creation process - from draft to published
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time to create the most effective immersive learning content
  • View which of your colleagues have access to various projects
Check out the virtual asset libraries:
Set the Stage for Your
Immersive Learning Module
Scene Editor is where you choose the “who” and “where” for your immersive learning experience, which includes determining the virtual location and virtual human avatars that will feature in the simulation.
  • Select a virtual environment and one or more virtual humans from an ever-growing library
  • Mix and match virtual human characters and voice-templates to customize the learning experience
  • Select virtual human and learner spawn-points from predetermined options within virtual environment locations
Bring Your Content to Life
With Animation
Performance Editor offers editing tools and a library of out-of-the-box character animations such as gestures, poses and emotions.
  • Select from an extensive library of animations to design how virtual humans interact in your immersive experience – no animator or coding experience required
  • Rapidly author character performances with a simple drag and drop track system
  • Take full control of the level of expressiveness portrayed by the virtual humans
  • Create the voices for virtual humans using text-to-speech or import your own voice audio
Create Content Once, Publish Across Devices
The Content Publishing Portal allows you to publish content to VR and desktop devices, as well as select different distribution options, such as publishing to specific content libraries and the Talespin App.
  • Submit your immersive content for review by the Talespin Team
  • Track the status of content review
  • View and assign the learning experience to a learning cohort through the platform Dashboard
  • Learners can access content on VR headsets or desktop streaming on PC and Mac devices
  • Use Talespin’s packaged integration to distribute content via LMSs and LXPs
Language Capabilities
CoPilot Designer currently supports the creation of immersive learning content in 9 languages, with additional language support on our product roadmap. Check out the current language capabilities, unlocking the possibility to reskill and upskill workforces across the globe:
spanish - spain
german - germany
English - U.S.A
french - canada
french - france
spanish - mexico
italian - italy
portuguese - brasil
portuguese - portugal
The navigation of the Talespin App and getting into immersive content for the learner will be in American-English. The experience and interactions themselves will be in the predetermined language.
Access Skills Insights, Performance Scoring and Training Administration With the Platform Dashboard
All learning modules created with CoPilot Designer can be administered and tracked using the Talespin Platform’s Dashboard.
  • Assign learning modules to local and distributed teams from one platform
  • Access advanced employee learning and performance insights
  • Realize the proven ROI of XR in your business
  • Align knowledge delivery and experience building to fill skill gaps
  • Identify and assess learner knowledge, skills, and attributes
  • Dashboards and analytics to gain insights into behavior change
  • Historical training data
  • Learner management and training administration
  • xAPI integration to track decision points in interactive learning modules such as module completion and engagement throughout an experience
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