The New OS for Work
Our approach to learning and skills data provides a new operating system for work that unlocks agile career paths for individuals, and transformative talent management for organizations.

Using extended reality technology (XR), the Talespin platform accelerates employee learning, and bases talent assessment, development, and management on validated skills data.
Traditional Learning and Talent Management
  • Traditional learning can’t deliver large scale reskilling
  • Dated workforce competency models
  • Workforce talent viewed through resumes
  • Linear career paths limit career adaptability
  • Rigid workforces can’t keep pace with business evolution
XR Powered Learning and Skills Mobility
  • XR’s accelerated learning closes skills gaps
  • Skills based talent management
  • Validated employee skills profiles
  • Skills based career paths deliver career mobility
  • Agile workforces built for business transformation
Powering the xr Skills mobility ecosystem
The Future of Work Starts Here.
XR Platform and content creation tools
Runway is our platform for administering XR training to employees, tracking learner progress, supporting employee performance, and integrating XR software with existing talent and learning management platforms.
An XR soft skills training content platform that uses virtual human avatars to immerse learners in realistic roleplay scenarios.
An XR hard skills training content platform for process and object-based job simulation.
Helping the world’s largest organizations leap forward