Welcome to the Immersive Learning Ecosystem
The Talespin platform is making immersive learning a reality for the future of work. Together with our partners, content creators, and customers, we are helping hundreds of thousands of people use XR (extended reality) to learn faster, validate their skills, and find upward mobility in the workforce.
Content Creators
Our no-code authoring tool and creator program is helping SMEs create the next generation of immersive learning content.
Authorized Partners
We’re working with the world’s leading consultancies and learning technology companies to help grow their businesses, and define the immersive learning
market together.
Enterprise Customers
The world’s largest organizations are using our content library and platform to power their skills development programs.
“The final piece of the puzzle is Talespin. We’re not saying that no one was talking about soft skills before Talespin came along, but Talespin did a lot to keep “soft skills” and “VR” in the same breath. The company that uses AI to create VR social and emotional learning modules started really gaining steam in 2019, and hasn’t slowed down.”
— AR Post, 2021
Talespin Platform Overview
Talespin’s no-code immersive learning content creation tools put the power in the hands of creators.
The Talespin platform offers advanced learning performance data and validated skills profiles to guide people to new heights in career planning and talent management.
Immersive Learning
Content Library
Leverage Talespin’s growing library of immersive learning content to power your own talent development. Deploy via desktop streaming and XR head mounted displays (HMDs).
Become an Immersive
Content Creator
Immersive learning content is in demand, and the Talespin Creator Program is helping SMEs, learning designers, and learning content companies answer the call. Learn more about how we can help you translate subject matter expertise into immersive learning content using our no-code platform, and develop new revenue streams with our platform as creator.
Become a
Talespin Partner
Helping companies get into the business of immersive learning is our business. We’re working with consultancies, learning technology organizations, and learning content providers to add immersive learning content and content creation services to their offerings.
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