Dreamers. Doers.
Brought Together to Solve One of the World’s Biggest Challenges.
About Us
Our Vision
In the future of work, we will be better humans. With higher EQ and empathy; informed cultural sensitivity and enhanced capabilities to communicate, learn and lead. Our capacity to share knowledge across language and cultural barriers will be accelerated with artificial intelligence and mixed reality visualization. In one lifetime we will master more than we ever imagined as virtual reality enables us to reach the “10,000 hours” of human experience needed to master a skill. Together, with technology that unifies rather than isolates, the workforce of the future will be collaborative, inclusive, and productive by design.
The People You Will Meet at Talespin!
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Stephen fromkin
Chief Content Officer, Co-Founder
Jeroen De cloe
Chief Innovation Officer
Brody Stout
Chief Operations Officer
Ram Venkat
Chief Financial Officer
Eli Weisman
Chief Client & Growth Officer
Christian Solomon
Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Board Member
Nicole Bunselmeyer
Vice President of Sales
Bryan Dickson
Vice President of Engineering
Travis Falstad
Vice President of Learning Experience Design
Jieun Kim
Vice President of Product
Justin McLaughlin
Vice President of Marketing & Communications
Connor Meechan
Vice President of Art
Lisa Jenkins
Program Director, CoPilot Designer Activation
Antoinette Jones
Director of People Operations, US
Devon Krivec
Director of Product (Vector)
Jack makhlouf
Director of Partnerships
Tom Van Der Schaaf
Director of Engineering
Robin Seitz
Director of Learning and Research
Lulit Solomon
Director of Marketing & Communications
Harmen Veling
Director of People Operations, NL
Rob Stemm
Principal Product Manager
Plus a Passionate Team of:
Developers, researchers, Learning designers, data scientists, artists, and more
Board Members & Advisors
Scott Henry
Board Member
Jason Gold
Board Member
LaRRY Furlong
Dwayne Robinson
Proven track record across key disciplines
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Meet Talespin
One Team
Our Talespin family brings a variety of talents and perspectives together to solve one big, multi-faceted problem in redesigning what work and careers paths look like for everyone. We’re a team of learning designers, artists, software developers, content creators, and engineers that work together toward this shared vision.
Brought Together
Although we are dispersed across the world, and come from many different backgrounds and cultures, it is our shared mission that drives us forward together, and creates a unique culture of our own.
To Create
From building extended reality technology and creating advanced art production techniques, to inventing new standards for how skills are learned and assessed, we see more. Our vision for what work will look like is unlike anything that’s ever been built before.
A Better Future For All
At Talespin, we see an opportunity to change how people learn, and to build a future where our talents and purpose are matched with careers that help us reach our highest potential. It is this, and this alone that will deliver the change we all need to create a better and more accessible future of work.
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