Want to use VR training, but not sure where to start?

This e-book is for you.
So what exactly is this guide? Quite simply, our goal is to provide a framework for understanding VR training and a roadmap for adopting it at your organization.
This guide will help you:
  • Understand the Fundamentals of Immersive Learning and VR Training
  • Assess Current Workforce Dynamics and Talent Practices at Your Organization
  • Identify Immersive Learning Use Case(s)
  • Determine How You Will Approach VR Learning Content and VR Hardware
  • Determine How You Will Measure Success
  • Create an Immersive Learning Program Implementation Plan
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Since Talespin's founding in 2015, our team has helped dozens of organizations take their first steps in their VR training journey—and we hope this guide helps you do the same.
Frequently Asked Questions About VR Training Programs Covered in This Guide