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Informed Decision Making
Immersive learning module
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Strategizing for Success
In this module, learners will be introduced to the key elements involved in successfully evaluating information. They will apply these ideas by helping Gabriel Fabroa debunk a Sasquatch hoax at the Heights Lookout Hotel, and by helping Fei Fei Madsen evaluate a business deal at SchoolHouse Heroes.

Learners will be notified when their performance will be scored and can return to the menu before proceeding. Green, yellow and red visual cues indicate the quality of their response.
Skills practiced
  • Critical Thinking
  • Purposeful Inquiry
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Risk Assessment
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Evaluating Information
Module Details
Lesson description
  • Nia informs you that Gabriel Fabroa, owner of the Heights Lookout Hotel, has asked you to come by the hotel to talk about a major safety hazard.
  • Gabriel shows you a recent article in the Valley-Heights Observer saying a person went missing yesterday, and they were last seen roaming the hotel grounds. The prime suspect? Sasquatch. Work with Gabriel to evaluate the reliability of the article and the potential bias of its sources.
  • Nia informs you that SchoolHouse Heroes has a new donor proposition involving a sizeable amount of money. Assistant Development Director Fei Fei Madsen has scheduled a meeting with you to give you details about the proposal and ask for advice.
  • Fei Fei Madsen, Assistant Development Director at SchoolHouse Heroes, tells you she’s fielding the company's donor inquiries while leaders Koko and Mara are out of town at a robotics convention. A new donor sent over a proposal that looks a perfect match, but they want an answer by the end of the week. She wants to secure the donor, proving to her bosses that she’s up to the task. Help Fei Fei decide if the proposal is as good as it looks.
Target learners
  • Everyone
  • None
  • Meta Quest 2 & Pro
  • Desktop Streaming
The Benefits of Immersive Learning
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