The Talespin AI Lab

Elevate human intelligence with the power of AI

The Talespin AI Lab focuses on accelerating three pillars of immersive learning through the application of AI: accelerating content creation, improving learning measurement, and creating richer learner interactions.


The Talespin AI Lab Overview

The Talespin AI Lab tackles the implications of AI through two work streams:

Product Innovation

The thoughtful and responsible integration of Generative AI into our platform and suite of products

Generative AI Services

Bespoke consulting services for our customers and partners to leverage the transformative power of Generative AI for their immersive learning programs

Our mission to unlock a new learning paradigm

In a rapidly changing workplace, we must treat learning the same way we think about fitness: an everyday, always evolving, active & personalized practice.

To achieve this, we are working on unlocking: the ability for anyone to create immersive content, generative learning content created on the fly, and learning measurement that becomes our partner in progress.

The Talespin AI Lab will be led by company leaders from our Product, Engineering, Innovation, and Learning Services departments within Talespin.

The newly formed AI Lab will draw in more than 30 employees from across the organization to further the implementation, use cases, and capabilities of generative AI in the immersive learning space.

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AI-Powered Platform Demos

Our R&D team is working on immersive learning product innovations that will help anyone create VR learning content at the speed of now. Check out these demos from what we’ve been working on.

Flow Generator

Access a world of tailored VR content with a single prompt

Talespin's proprietary AI engine turns your desired learning goals into elaborate VR simulations.

Simply pick a learning scenario, enter your lesson outcome, and watch Talespin generate immersive learning content in seconds.

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Gesture generator

Make emotionally evocative VR characters at the speed of now

Our AI algorithm analyzes your learning content and generates nuanced emotional expressions for your Virtual Human characters.

Hours of work to create emotionally realistic VR simulations have been cut down to just seconds.

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"The launch of Talespin AI Lab will ensure we're bringing our customers and the industry at large the most innovative and impactful AI solutions when it comes to immersive learning"

— Kyle Jackson
CEO & Co-founder


“Generative AI will revolutionize the way we measure learning in immersive experiences, and has the potential to enable creators to offer highly personalized and adaptive learning experiences.”

— kristin torrence


“In today's environment, the potential of AI solutions are boundless. We're extremely excited to empower our customers with tools to effortlessly shape the future of immersive learning, powered by AI.”



“We envision a future of limitless possibilities, where our customers effortlessly unlock a realm of rich and invaluable immersive learning experiences for their teams with just a few clicks.”

— Jeroen de Cloe



"In the near future, improved adaptability and personalization will profoundly improve learning outcomes. Our AI-powered platform leverages the latest advances in machine learning to deliver that future today.”

Vice President of Learning Experience Design


“The influence of generative AI on immersive learning extends beyond traditional boundaries, allowing for the creation of imaginative and immersive worlds that inspire unparalleled creativity and innovation.”

— Joe Millward
general manager (apaC)


“Together with GenAI as a research and learning partner, users can rewrite the playbook on engaging learning experiences.”

— Lisa Jenkins
Vice President of learning services

Generative ai services

Bespoke Generative AI Lab Services

Get direct access to curated generative AI consulting services that help future-proof your enterprise learning and development strategy.

Curated by a team of experts in XR Learning Design and generative AI, our AI lab service offering includes:

Worldclass Learning Content SOPs

Proprietary SOPs to design immersive XR learning content.

Prompt Engineering Knowledge

A masterclass in prompt engineering to maximize generative AI's values for your L&D.

XR Learning Content Design

Best practices in XR learning experience design to optimize your L&D.


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