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Virtual Reality Leadership Training
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Prepare Your Leaders for Workforce Transformation
While digital transformation is solving business challenges, it is creating new challenges in the workforce. As employees reskill for new job roles impacted by technology, companies seek to transform their talent management and development practices to keep pace.

Leadership development is at the top of the priority list, as leaders represent critical pillars within an organization who help ensure employee wellbeing and growth, and directly impact business unit performance.
The challenges leaders face in managing and influencing large groups of people within an organization have increased, as remote work shifted communication styles, and brought on new skill requirements for navigating digital communication. These physical barriers demand that leaders properly communicate with their peers and direct reports, interpret nuanced social cues during video conferences and remote collaboration, and lead with empathy. Skills like communication, self-awareness, decision making, active listening and adaptability are at a premium for people leading a dispersed workforce.

To help leaders rapidly learn and develop skills, immersive learning presents a solution. Immersive technology is delivering leadership training in a modality that is faster, more realistic and engaging, and more cost effective at scale than any other method. Given that people master these leadership skills with practice, placing leaders in immersive role play with virtual human characters simulates critical conversations and develops soft skills in real-time. Turning the power of immersive learning toward leadership development is the key to supporting leaders, and in turn, supporting the employees they lead.
"84% of employees say it is important to them to get training on soft skills, with leadership training the most desired."
- SHRM, 2022 Workplace Learning & Development Trends
Immersive Leadership Development Outcomes
Leadership training using immersive technology is proven to deliver better learning outcomes that other forms of training can’t compete with:
Accelerated Learning
Time to proficiency and learning in the flow of work are critical for leaders due to time constraints. Immersive learning content’s ability to teach people skills faster with longer knowledge retention helps leaders maximize training time and upskill as their roles change.
Confidence building
Leaders need to exude confidence and demonstrate mastery of their skill sets. Practicing skills through immersive learning is proven to increase confidence when acting on learned subject matter in the field.
Emotional engagement
Leaders need emotionally realistic training to prepare for the challenging situations they face on a regular basis. Immersive learning’s ability to simulate scenarios through virtual human role play helps leaders practice these situations in simulations that feel real.
See Skill Development In real time
Personalize training for your managers based on real-time skills data, filling skills gaps to help managers and executives in their journey of being amazing people leaders in your organization.
Better remote learning
With large portions of training moved to virtual modalities, virtual role play powered by immersive technology creates more engaging, realistic, and scalable training programs than video conferencing or e-learning solutions.
Measured skills improvement
Not only is immersive learning delivering an average of more than 20% improvement for skills practiced, it also offers a more tangible way to score and measure skills over time. This helps leaders pinpoint areas for improvement and track skill progression.
Use Cases for Immersive
Leadership Development
Immersive learning can be applied across leadership training use cases, giving leaders access an infinite number of realistic roleplay scenarios:
sample Use Cases:
  • Performance management
  • Influence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Leading change
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Coaching and delegation
  • Empathy (EQ)
  • Building trust
  • Digital acumen
  • Building partnerships
VR Leadership Training Module Examples
Check out theses examples of virtual reality leadership training modules to inspire your own leadership development programs
Leadership Development Powered by Talespin
The Talespin platform offers easy-to-adopt off-the-shelf learning content for common leadership and communication skill use cases, the ability to create custom role play simulations at scale, and skills data analytics to measure and track skills development.

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