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Talespin Expands Off-the-Shelf Content Library, Powers Personalized Immersive Learning Journeys

September 6, 2022
Written by:
Talespin Team

We are excited to introduce six new immersive learning titles to our off-the-shelf content library, enabling a wider range of personalized learning journeys, and increasing the flexibility learning professionals have in the design of immersive learning programs. 

Our goal has always been to provide a platform that enables our partners and customers to scale immersive learning programs. Talespin’s expanded off-the-shelf content library offers effective learning content that can be adopted now for in-demand skills, giving our partners and customers the opportunity to curate content, supplement their own custom content, and ultimately personalize immersive learning journeys as they see fit. - Stephen Fromkin, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, Talespin 

Learning professionals now have access to 6 new immersive learning content titles in Talespin’s library that cover 41 crucial workplace soft skills, like active listening, empathy, and problem solving.

Blog Contents:

  1. Adopt Talespin’s Off-the-Shelf Content Library
  2. Experience New Off-the-Shelf Immersive Learning Content Titles
  3. Design Tailored Immersive Learning Programs: Combine Off-the-Shelf Content and Custom Content

Adopt Talespin’s Off-the-Shelf Content Library 

Learners interact with virtual human characters through simulated role play to develop crucial soft skills.

Our off-the-shelf immersive content library is designed to help learners practice key leadership and communication skills valued across job roles and industries, like the ability to compromise, self-awareness, and psychological safety. This growing library helps organizations deliver more effective and engaging learning, with proven results and benefits

Immersive learning content modules created with the Talespin platform engage learners in role play with virtual human characters - offering the opportunity to practice soft skills with emotional realism, train in a safe place to fail, and receive real-time feedback and scoring for skills development.

The expanded content library is intended to be an entry point for organizations looking to add immersive learning to their learning & development programs, with a content catalog that is easy to adopt, and that covers in-demand soft skills. Modules in the library can be:

  • Given to learners as a complete library to provide training for a wide range of skills
  • Administered individually to address specific skills gaps for learners, teams, and entire workforces
  • Blended into multi-modality learning curricula to complement e-learning and classroom learning modules

Our library is currently being used by companies like Accenture, AIA, Jobs for the Future, and Tower Hill Insurance for use cases like employee onboarding, leadership training for executives and managers, and ongoing communication skills training for all employees. 

Experience New Off-the-Shelf Immersive Learning Content Titles

Talespin’s off-the-shelf content library now features 6 new learning modules.

The latest update to our content library introduces six new titles: 

  1. Active Listening and Inquiry: Learners will practice asking probing questions and exercising active listening to get to the root of the problem and motivate others to solve it.
  2. Psychological Safety: Learners will develop key skills like practicing humility, actively listening, and advocating for team members, in order to intentionally create a psychologically safe team.
  3. Conflict Resolution: Learners will learn how to de-escalate tension, maintain trust, and how to make next steps clear, actionable, and acceptable to all parties involved. 
  4. Cognitive Bias: Learners will use critical thinking, logical reasoning, and other skills to recognize bias in others, as a first step to recognizing it in themselves.
  5. Virtual Leadership: Learners will develop skills to build interconnected teams, while navigating through a digital-first environment, and dispersed team.
  6. Adaptability: Learners will develop the creative problem solving and analytical thinking skills needed to adapt to rapidly changing situations.

Design Tailored Immersive Learning Programs: Combine Off-the-Shelf Content and Custom Content

Create custom immersive learning programs utilizing off-the-shelf content and custom-created content titles.

Expanding our content library is an important step in supporting our partners and customers. The Talespin platform provides the ability to create and consume personalized immersive learning programs by curating existing off-the-shelf content, and creating custom immersive learning modules using our no-code authoring tool, CoPilot Designer

These combined capabilities give learning professionals a new level of flexibility in immersive learning program design. This includes the ability to: 

  • Pair custom learning content with off-the-shelf titles
  • Create new learning modules using existing titles as learning design templates
  • Create libraries of entirely new custom content

The expanded off-the-shelf content library plays an important role in our immersive learning platform, furthering our efforts to support the growing immersive learning ecosystem, and helping more organizations get started with adopting Metaverse learning use cases.

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