Real World Experience
Object- and process-based training platform
Propel XR Training
Propel XR Training for Object – and Process-Based Knowledge
Propel is a virtual reality training platform for powering object- and process-based learning modules.

Learning modules built with Propel immerse learners in foundational knowledge, and simulate complex tasks that are typically difficult to train and practice.
Rapid Experience Building
Propel virtual reality job simulation builds real-world experience faster than any other learning method for process-based learning.
Workforce Acceleration
VR simulations built with our platform reduce time to day one on the job, give employees flexible learning at a distance, and improve learner confidence.
Examples of Propel Learning Modules
BMAD — Coming Soon
Augmented reality classroom experience that enables instructor-led group learning at a distance.
Propel Platform Features
  • Realistic 3D recreations of real-world objects, tools, and environments in XR
  • Learners access training modules using XR headsets
  • Training modules are developed with SMEs and L&D experts
  • Training content embeds the same subject matter from traditional learning modules like video, text, and classroom style learning, in an experiential, interactive format
  • XR training modules enable remote learning with the benefit of a coach
  • Training modules feature performance scoring and learning analytics
  • Delivered on Talespin’s enterprise XR platform, Talespin Runway
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