Powering Skills Mobility
Talespin Platform
Skills-Based Approach to Work
We have been building a skills platform to power a new era of work. The Talespin Platform uses skills data as a foundation to better align employees for job roles, and leverages the effectiveness of XR learning to accelerate skills development.

Talespin’s platform approach to continuous reskilling empowers employees to follow multi-dimensional career paths, and helps companies manage and support talent in a more efficient and beneficial way across every stage of the workforce lifecycle.
PLATFORM + skills data layer
Built to Power an Ecosystem
Even with a platform proven to dramatically accelerate learning and empower skills-based decision making, global reskilling is a problem big enough that no one company can solve it alone.

We’ve built our platform to enable an ecosystem of organizations, content creators, and employees to play their part in delivering a new era of work.
Adaptive Workforce
More powerful and measurable learning drives accelerated workforce readiness
Skill-Based Talent Management
Next level assessment and skills data enables organizations to view their workforce through a skills lens, strategically filling skills gaps
Business ROI
Enterprises who adopt XR see exponential cost savings and a reduction in labor/training hours, while also having the data to correlate training to business outcomes
Common Skills Framework
Skills data goes beyond content analytics, with the ecosystem’s network effect surfacing skills/content demand and informing developer roadmaps based on ROI
Developer Tools
Helping developers with tools to lower the cost of content production and reduce the required skills to build immersive, AI-driven, skills-based learning content
Content Distribution Channels
By working with Talespin, content developers get access to a large network of potential enterprise customers
Validated Skills Profiles
XR-enabled ecosystem gives individuals validated skills credentials to take with them throughout their careers
Accelerated Learning
XR training tied to a skills map helps learners more rapidly acquire new skill sets to keep pace with changing job roles
Skills-Based Career Paths
Career paths based on a skills give learners a clear roadmap to adapting to new job roles and achieving professional goals
Talespin Platform Components
The Talespin Platform consists of two categories of core technology
Copilot Designer
No-Code Authoring Tool for Immersive Soft Skills Learning Content
Collaborative Process & Object-Based Learning In VR & Mixed Reality
Content creation Technology
PLATFORM dashboard
Enterprise-Grade User Performance Analytics & Skills Tracking Platform - Org. View + Indiv. Skills Profiles
Skills data as a foundational layer that connects Talespin’s product ecosystem
Platform Technology + skills data layer
Dashboard is our platform for administering XR training to employees, tracking learner progress, supporting employee performance, and integrating XR software with existing talent and learning management platforms.
A content creation tool to design experiences that use virtual human avatars to immerse learners in realistic roleplay scenarios.
An XR hard skills training content platform for process and object-based job simulation.
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