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Virtual Reality Sales Training
Create Custom VR Sales Training Simulations With Talespin
Sales Training Challenges
To build effective sales training programs, you face challenges like:
  • Keeping training relevant and applicable in ever-changing markets
  • Roleplay is unrealistic and isn’t scalable
  • Traditional e-learning isn't engaging
  • In-person seminars are expensive
  • Making sales training engaging and interesting
  • Reducing training costs
  • Making training accessible to distributed teams
VR Sales Training Benefits With Talespin
Combining off-the-shelf VR content and custom content creation makes VR sales training programs tailored to your sales team's needs, and easy to update over time.
VR content is easy to scale to distributed teams, and can also be consumed on desktop devices.
Enhanced realism
VR provides a highly realistic and interactive environment that allows sales professionals to practice their skills and gain confidence in real-world situations.
Increased knowledge retention and faster training
VR sales training allows trainees to fully engage with the material, resulting in improved retention of information and skills.
cost effective
VR sales training is a cost-effective solution that can save organizations time and money by reducing the need for in-person training sessions.
Measured skills improvement
Not only is immersive learning delivering an average of more than 20% improvement for skills practiced, it also offers a more tangible way to score and measure skills over time.
VR Sales Training Use Cases
  • Product demonstrations and pitches: VR technology can be used to create highly realistic product demonstrations that allow trainees to practice scripts walking customers through the key features and benefits of a product
  • Handling objections: Practice handling common objections for your product or service, or simulate difficult frequently asked questions to get practice repetitions for the real thing
  • Negotiation and closing deals: VR can be used to simulate deal term negotiation, pricing discussions, and closing deals
  • Building customer rapport and maintaining customer relationships
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