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Talespin Platform Update: Supporting the Immersive Learning Ecosystem

May 11, 2021
Written by:
Talespin Team

Established as an early leader in immersive learning, we understand first-hand what is required for the medium to deliver maximum value for organizations, content creators, and most importantly, the workforce. 

To fully realize the benefits of immersive learning at scale, the amount of content available needs to grow so we can continue to explore new use cases. There is also a need to develop new standards and tools to better assess and validate the skills taught within learning content. To achieve these goals, we’ve been developing a true end-to-end platform that makes content creation and delivery easier, and skills data more measurable and actionable.

Today, we’re excited to announce we’ve expanded our platform offering to enable enterprises and content creators to create and publish custom learning content, as well as new data features for measuring skills development. Along with the recently announced expansion of our content library and new desktop content streaming, our platform is helping to make immersive learning a reality.

Introducing CoPilot Designer: No-Code Authoring Tool for Immersive Learning Content

CoPilot Designer is a new tool that enables users to author conversational learning experiences where learners practice soft skills through role play with emotionally realistic virtual humans. We’ve built an intuitive no-code editing interface, giving users complete control over learning content, narrative design structure, and virtual human animations. 

Previously, creating realistic virtual human learning content required a complex production process that included software development and animation. This was not only costly in terms of time and monetary investment, but also required specific skill sets that prevented many organizations and individuals from being able to create content. 

CoPilot Designer's intuitive system eliminates the need for coding and animation expertise, allowing users of all backgrounds and experience levels to create their own immersive learning content. Users can easily create conversational simulations that feature custom combinations of voice, emotions, and body language for virtual humans, delivering engaging, voice-driven learning experiences. The tool is capable of creating story-based learning narratives with advanced logic and an extensive library of character voices, gestures, poses, emotions, and environments. 

CoPilot Designer will allow learning designers, visual designers, and narrative designers to usher in a new generation of content customized for a multitude of learning objectives. Content created with CoPilot Designer can be distributed across XR devices using the new Talespin App, PC/Mac applications, and streaming via desktop browsers.

Streamlining Content Publishing Across XR and 2D Devices

Originally a native XR platform, the Talespin Platform has evolved over time to offer content distribution across devices. We’ve prioritized enhancing the learning experience on XR devices, as well as bringing immersive content to standard 2D devices to reach learners at scale. This is why we are excited to add the new Talespin App to our distribution capabilities.

Talespin App

The Talespin App gives learners access to the full library of available content in one central location, including Talespin’s off-the-shelf learning content, and your organization’s custom titles built with CoPilot Designer. 

The app is fully integrated with the Talespin Platform for skills data management, and provides in-app performance scoring and real-time feedback for immersive content modules. It is designed to eliminate the need to build, download and maintain multiple separate applications for immersive learning modules.

Desktop Streaming

In addition to XR deployment, we recently announced desktop streaming support for our content library and content created with our authoring tools. Streaming support allows learners to access immersive learning modules from secure web browser links, enabling access to content at home and in the office. 

Our enhanced distribution capabilities across XD and standard 2D devices will bring content to learners at scale, and simplify publishing for creators and organizations.

Connecting Immersive Learning to Skills Data

In addition to CoPilot Designer and the Talespin App, today we’re launching version 1.3 of the Talespin Platform. The Talespin Platform offers skills insights to help with talent development, management, and career planning. Enhanced skills data helps leadership, training departments, and individuals understand and track progress on learning objectives so the entire organization can thrive. Version 1.3 includes new features such as skills performance history, lesson-level learning objectives, the ability to filter content by skill, direct links to desktop streaming, and improved navigation and support. 

To get started today, visit our CoPilot Designer page or contact us to book a demo. 

Stay tuned for future updates on the Talespin blog. We are always looking for ways to better support our user community, and your input can help us transform the future of work together.

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