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Ramp Up Remote Training with Talespin’s Expanded Off-The-Shelf Content Library and Desktop Streaming

April 28, 2021
Written by:
Talespin Team

Today, we’re excited to announce our expanded off-the-shelf learning content library, which now includes more training content to target key soft skills, and new desktop content streaming support for our platform. These updates help us continue on our mission to provide greater access to immersive learning, and advance workforce skills development and assessment. 

New Immersive Learning Content Streaming

At Talespin, we believe the future of learning and development, and ultimately the future of our workforce, lies with immersive technology. Our original theory that extended reality (XR) provides the emotional realism needed to resonate with learners was proven to be true: A VR soft skills training study we conducted in partnership with PwC showed that VR-trained employees were 3.75x more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners. 

While VR experiences provide clear learning ROI across metrics, we also want to be able to deliver engaging learning content to learners and orgs that may be distributed, or have limited access to XR hardware. This is why we’ve updated our platform to support desktop streaming for our off-the-shelf content library. This desktop streaming technology enables users to access content through a secure website link on Mac or PC devices, improving accessibility for learners, and helping organizations with deployment.

Through advanced virtual human animations, conversational interactions and voice input, immersive experiences delivered via desktop offer a level of quality and user engagement beyond that of traditional role play or remote learning solutions like e-learning and video. Employees can use this training anywhere, and repeat training scenarios, all in a safe place to fail and learn without judgment. 

New Learning Content Targets Key Soft Skills

Develop crucial soft skills in simulated role play with AI virtual human characters

The new learning modules add to our existing off-the-shelf content library, which also includes the Leading Through Uncertainty and Effective Feedback series that teach leadership and communication skills. Here are the new modules now offered in our expanded content library: 

Recognizing Bias Module

Learners take on the role of a producer at a fictional large tech company. They are tasked with filling a programmer position with an experienced candidate who can hit the ground running. The learner must interview three candidates and find the right one for the role, while navigating their own biases. They will learn how to identify and mitigate the common biases found in the workplace.

Practicing Self-Awareness Module

Learners take on the role of an account manager who recently had to let an important client know that the team will not be able to meet an agreed upon deadline. After a stressful exchange with their boss about the missed deadline, the learner must effectively identify and manage their emotions in a follow-up meeting with the internal project manager to establish what went wrong. 

The learning modules in our off-the-shelf content library are powered by Talespin’s CoPilot Virtual Human Training Technology, and integrate with our skills insights platform, providing real-time scoring, feedback for user skills development, and skills data reporting to help training managers measure growth. 

Get Started Today

These new content and streaming capabilities come at a time when individuals and enterprises need flexible learning tools that can offer effective upskilling and reskilling. Our off-the-shelf content library delivers a quality training experience while offering organizations cost-effective solutions, deeper workforce skills data, and the ability to scale quickly and remotely. 

The best way to experience immersive training is first-hand, so reach out to our team at to book a demo or visit our content library webpage to learn more. 

Stay tuned for future updates on the Talespin blog. We are always looking for ways to better support our user community, and your input can help us transform the future of work together.

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