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New in CoPilot Designer: Talespin's Hospitality Training Virtual Asset Pack

October 4, 2023
Written by:
Talespin Team

The hospitality industry sets the highest standard for service excellence, so it is natural that the training of service professionals is critical.

Talespin is here to help hospitality companies with innovative new skills development solutions. Through the use of immersive learning technology, we want to empower hospitality learning and development teams to make service training four times more efficient and engaging for employees.

In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey to explore the latest update to our no-code content creation tool, CoPilot Designer  – the Hospitality Training Virtual Asset Pack

Virtual human characters from CoPilot Designer's new Hospitality Training Virtual Asset Pack in action in a 3D hotel environment.

This asset pack is specifically designed to help learning and development teams create custom virtual reality training content for hospitality industry professionals.

As the latest update in a series of new industry-specific asset packs coming to our platform, the hospitality asset pack includes virtual humans and virtual environments tailored to the unique training scenarios of the hospitality sector.

Hospitality VR Training: Master Real-World Service Excellence in VR

Impeccable service standards are the lifeblood of a successful hospitality business. However, consistent, premium customer experiences are difficult to deliver amid a hospitality industry's annual workforce attrition rate of 70-80%

What if there was a way to help your service professionals upskill at scale, practice and master customer interactions without any consequences and realistically practice conversations with colleagues?

The answer lies in scenario-based VR learning powered by Talespin. This transformative approach empowers hospitality professionals with training that offers an unprecedented blend of situational awareness, emotional engagement, and real-world service experience, all within a consequence-free virtual environment. 

Employees can practice, fail, and try again to refine their skills. No consequence and risk-free for the business, to ensure that when they step into actual interactions with customers and colleagues, they are armed with the experience they need.

Newly hired employees can undergo personalized VR training modules designed to meet all on-the-job requirements of their roles. No training schedule conflict. No extra incremental costs in conducting training workshops. Employees can master their service delivery in real-life simulations that mirror their actual service standard anytime.

The New Asset Pack: Embracing Hospitality

CoPilot Designer's new Hospitality Training Virtual Asset pack features a host of new virtual human characters and environments for creating custom immersive learning content.

This new asset pack comprises two intricately crafted hotel environments and a new team of virtual human characters designed to create a broad range of hospitality training scenarios.

Meet Some of Our New Virtual Humans 

Let's dive deeper into the heart of this new asset pack - our new virtual humans. These virtual characters have been specifically crafted to be used in the creation of immersive learning experiences for the hospitality industry. Let's get acquainted with a few of them:

Shufen is a new virtual human character representing a chef from the hospitality industry.
Virtual human character Jamal comes to CoPilot Designer representing a front desk manager. He can be included in a range of hospitality training scenarios, including simulating conversations with managers and colleagues.
Fang is a new virtual human who can be included in a variety of immersive learning scenarios, including simulating interactions with front-line hospitality team members.

Explore Our New Environments

In our quest to provide a comprehensive and immersive training experience for the hospitality industry, we also created two new virtual environments: the Luxury Hotel and the Budget Hotel.

The Luxury Hotel

CoPilot Designer's new luxury hotel training environment.

Step into the luxurious world of high-end hospitality with our Luxury Hotel environment. This virtual environment replicates the lavish interiors and exquisite details of a five-star hotel, complete with luxurious furnishings and elegant decor. 

In this setting, learners can immerse themselves in scenarios that demand the utmost in guest service excellence. Whether it's assisting a VIP guest or managing a high-stress situation in the lobby, our Luxury Hotel environment sets the stage for learners to refine their skills in a premium setting.

The Budget Hotel

CoPilot Designer's new budget hotel training environment.

Our Budget Hotel environment offers a true-to-life representation of the budget-friendly accommodation sector. Here, learners can practice handling the unique challenges faced in budget hotels, such as efficiently managing guest check-ins, resolving common complaints, and optimizing limited resources. 

The Budget Hotel environment is designed to simulate the everyday scenarios that front-line staff encounter in affordable lodging establishments, making it an invaluable training tool for this segment of the hospitality industry.

These virtual humans and environments present a wide range of possibilities for learning designers to build custom hospitality training modules. They enable learners to immerse themselves in realistic scenarios, practice problem-solving, and enhance their soft skills, all within a virtual hospitality setting.

The Importance of Virtual Human and Environment Selection for Immersive Learning Experiences 

In VR training modules, learners get to interact with virtual human characters representing customers and colleagues.

To fully grasp the significance of the Hospitality Training Virtual Asset Pack, it's essential to understand the pivotal role virtual humans and environments play in immersive learning experiences. 

These components are the cornerstones of emotionally realistic scenario-based learning. Having realistic and contextual content makes training more effective and engaging. For example, with these new asset packs, employees can practice conversations with customers and colleagues in virtual hotel environments—this makes the training feel more relevant for their specific job roles. 

With industry-specific 3D assets, learning and development teams can offer learners a lifelike and engaging space where they can refine their skills, make crucial decisions in a fail-safe environment, and derive valuable insights from their experiences.

Creating the Next Generation of Immersive Soft Skills Content

Meet Vijay, Sophia, and Carlo — New virtual human characters in CoPilot Designer representing hotel guests.

Talespin's new Hospitality Training Virtual Asset Pack for CoPilot Designer marks an exciting moment for our platform and our customers. 

We are thrilled to be able to further meet the needs of our partners and customers working in this section, and look forward to seeing the experiences people create with our new virtual human friends like Fang, Jamal and Shufen.

Talespin remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that align with the evolving training and upskilling needs of organizations across industries. The Hospitality Training Virtual Asset Pack is another moment on this journey. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Talespin, where the future of learning awaits.

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