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Generative AI at Talespin: Using AI and XR to Enhance Human Intelligence

July 19, 2023
Written by:
Kyle Jackson
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

We recently launched the Talespin AI Lab, a division within Talespin dedicated to responsible artificial intelligence (AI) innovation in the immersive learning space. 

In this blog post I’d like to recap our company’s vision for AI, and share with you the exciting work that is already coming out of our new labs team.

Since 2015 we’ve been leveraging AI technology to help us all become better humans

That may sound ironic, but hear us out: We empower people with AI-driven immersive learning experiences that teach new skills. These are innately human skills like critical thinking, creativity, and empathy—skills that will only grow with importance as the world adopts AI technology.

While much of the world focuses on what human tasks and skills AI can replace, Talespin has been focused on what human skills AI can enhance. 

We've been working on this challenge for years, knowing AI technology was going to drastically change the skills people need in order to maintain their place in the workforce. This work dates back to when we first delivered AI-powered learning experiences to enterprises, helping their employees keep up as job roles and workforce skills continue to evolve. 

Fast forward to today, our platform and the new AI Lab are helping companies create immersive learning experiences that can be made faster, are cheaper to create, offer greater security, and enable more learning personalization than ever before.

Let’s jump in and talk about what’s new.

Generative AI Meets Immersive Learning

To get started, let’s discuss what generative AI is in the first place, and how it is relevant for immersive learning.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can generate content, such as text, images, and videos, based on input from humans. This technology is being used in a variety of applications, including everything from generating chatbot responses to creating art. 

This technology is capable of incredible feats, such as instantly creating videos with nothing more than a brief text input—a capability that is set to completely change the way written and visual content is created across industries. 

How Does Generative AI Relate to Learning, and More Specifically, Immersive Learning?

Now, let’s apply this same paradigm shift to learning content creation, and specifically, XR learning content creation. 

XR content’s efficacy has never been an issue. However, applying XR’s clear benefits to personalized learning goals at scale has been a bit of a challenge because of how complicated this content was to create.

Now, just like with the creation of text and video, generative AI-powered XR content creation tools have lifted the final barrier to a paradigm shift in the learning industry—real-time XR learning content creation is here.

Generative AI powered XR content creation tools have driven learning content creation timelines and costs to unheard of lows.

Not long ago creating an XR learning module took 5 months. With the use of generative AI tools, that same content will be created in less than 30 minutes by the end of this year. This makes it possible to produce XR learning modules for dozens of use cases with ease, and to quickly produce new content or update existing content over time as learning subject matter and training priorities change. 

Delivering the most powerful learning modality with this type of speed is a development that allows organizations to combat the largest workforce shift in history.

As AI technology changes job roles and widens skills gaps in the workforce, XR learning is poised to help people hone their most critical human skills to keep pace.

The Launch of the Talespin AI Lab

We have been working at the forefront of this shift, and are excited to announce another step forward with the introduction of the Talespin AI Lab—a new division within our company focused on responsible AI innovation in two specific ways:

  1. Platform innovation: Continuing to integrate AI technology into our platform to deliver the best possible learning experiences for our customers and their employees.
  2. Generative AI services: Offering our partners and customers generative AI consulting services through which we share our proprietary intellectual property (IP) and processes for creating immersive learning content faster and with higher quality. This includes facilitating workshops during which we walk clients through processes and lessons learned through research and partnership with the world's leading learning companies.

Our labs division has been hard at work exploring where generative AI tools can be integrated into our platform for greater XR content creation abilities, as well as pushing the limits of out-of-the-box tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney as they apply to learning content creation. 

We use the combination of our platform and processes to teach our customers and partners new, more efficient content creation systems. And our new labs division is dedicated to continuing to push those boundaries.

Talespin AI Lab: Generative AI Platform Innovation

As we work to make immersive learning experiences easier to create, exciting developments are already coming from our lab. 

For example, we have two new game-changing features coming in Q4 of 2023 to our no-code XR content creation tool, CoPilot Designer:

1. CoPilot Designer Flow Generator - Your New Learning Content Writing Companion

Powered by generative AI, CoPilot Designer’s Flow Generator allows users to effortlessly craft immersive and emotionally rich XR learning content in minutes. Think ChatGPT, but for writing branching narratives for learning modules. Say goodbye to hours of tedious tasks associated with the XR content creation process and hello to a world of boundless creativity.

Creating captivating XR learning experiences has never been simpler with the Flow Generator. Select your desired learning scenario, input your lesson outcome, and watch Talespin's advanced AI-powered no-code XR platform bring your vision to life within seconds. 

Whether you are a learning designer, a corporate trainer, or a curious tech enthusiast, Flow Generator empowers you to unlock the full potential of XR learning without any XR content creation experience needed.

2. CoPilot Designer Gesture Generator - Create Virtual Human Animations on the Fly

A natural companion to the Flow Generator, CoPilot Designer’s Gesture Generator brings virtual human characters to life in seconds with instant animation.

Powered by an advanced AI algorithm, the Gesture Generator analyzes the text in your learning content to understand the nuanced emotions and expressions required for your virtual characters, and automatically produces corresponding character animations. 

Whether you need a character to convey joy, sadness, surprise, or determination, the AI-powered engine of Gesture Generator ensures that every body movement and facial expression aligns seamlessly with the dialogue and desired emotional tone of your XR learning experience.

By dramatically reducing the time and effort needed to create emotionally engaging XR simulations, the Gesture Generator empowers learning designers to deliver immersive and emotionally rich learning content that resonates with the end users.

We can’t wait for our customers to enjoy the power of these new features, enabling them to create immersive learning modules on the fly that are tailored to their organization’s skills development needs.

Talespin AI Lab: Generative AI Content Creation Services

Another key part of our lab’s focus is helping our partners and customers adopt the latest generative AI tools and processes to optimize their immersive learning content production. 

Our labs team has been busy testing new AI tools and creating proprietary approaches to learning design and content creation, and refining our approach through research and partnership with the world’s leading learning companies.

These approaches include:

  • Proprietary learning content creation SOPs
  • Proprietary prompt library access
  • Prompt engineering techniques for generative AI tools
  • XR learning experience design best practices

Now, we are proud to be making these services available to all enterprises through our AI Labs services offering—a services offering where we facilitate workshops guiding clients through the creation of their own XR learning content using generative AI, and laying the foundation for rapid XR content creation going forward.

Interested in learning to use generative AI to create immersive learning at your organization? Get in touch with us.

How Talespin Envisions the Generative AI Future for the XR Industry

So what is next for generative AI in the XR industry? Generative AI is poised for a variety of impacts on the XR space. The question is which will drive the most value the fastest.

Instant 3D World Creation 

For example, generative AI is already proving to be useful in the creation of virtual human characters and environments for learning modules. Creating 3D virtual characters and environments requires significant time and effort to conceptualize, visualize, and create, but generative AI is greatly streamlining those processes.

Users will soon be able to simply verbally describe a character and a potential environment and see a final 3D world developed in real-time. 

Adaptive Learning

Generative AI is also going to transform narrative dialogues by instantly creating a well-developed dialogue that is contextual and branches out in real time according to the learner's responses. This will enable truly adaptive learning experiences that respond to people’s specific learning goals.

Creating Personalized Immersive Learning Content at Scale

We are close to a world where personalized and comprehensive XR learning content can be developed with minimal human effort. The result could be training programs like we've never seen: unlimited content that is tailored on an individual level to each and every employee’s learning journey, and created in such short periods of time that it would've seemed unthinkable just a few years ago. 

We are incredibly excited to be playing our part in pushing these possibilities forward. Join us on this groundbreaking journey as we transform the landscape of XR content creation. We look forward to the Talespin AI Lab being another avenue for us to help drive forward the immersive learning ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Talespin AI Lab on our blog.