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Virtual Environment Asset Library
With CoPilot Designer, learning content creators have access to a library of immersive 3D environments to use to create immersive learning experiences. With an array of locations that offer different subject matter relevance and ambiance, our environment asset library is ready to support a wide range of learning objectives.
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Ever-Growing Asset Library
In addition to the available assets seen above, the Talespin team is constantly adding new virtual humans and environments to our asset library for learning content creators to use in their learning experiences.
Determine Virtual Human and Learner Location Within the Environment
CoPilot Designer enables learning content creators to select where the learner and virtual human(s) appear within a virtual environment. Each environment will provide different spawn-point options.

Check out the virtual human asset library, to see the different characters than can be added to a virtual environment:
Talespin’s no-code immersive learning content creation tools put the power in the hands of creators.
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