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Virtual Reality Customer Service Training
Create Custom VR Customer Service Training programs
Customer Service Training Challenges
Current challenges to delivering training include:
  • High turnover rates means constantly onboarding new customer service professionals
  • Delivering training to hybrid and remote teams
  • Making customer service training more engaging and realistic
  • Reducing training costs
  • E-learning and classroom learning materials are difficult to continuously update to keep pace with new technology and evolving skills development needs
The Benefits of
VR Customer Service Training
Combining off-the-shelf VR content and custom VR training content makes VR customer service training programs tailored to your specific learning objectives.
VR content is easy to scale to distributed teams, and can also be consumed on desktop devices.
Enhanced realism
VR provides a highly realistic and interactive environment that allows customer service professionals to practice their skills and gain confidence in real-world situations.
Increased knowledge retention and faster training
VR training allows customer service employees to fully engage with training experiences, resulting in improved retention of information and skills.
cost effective
VR training is a cost-effective solution that can save companies time and money by reducing the need for in-person training sessions.
Measured skills improvement
Not only is immersive learning delivering 4x accelerated learning, it also offers a more tangible way to score and measure skills development over time.
VR Customer Service Training Use Cases
  • Deliver employee onboarding and orientation in VR 
  • Call center training - simulate answering calls, customer interactions, and utilizing support resources
  • De-escalation training - simulate de-escalating customer interactions with emotional realism
  • Product training - get customer service reps up to speed on new products quickly
  • Empathy training - teach employees to use empathetic communication during customer conversations
  • Cultural sensitivity training - help employees prepare to work in a global workforce
How Can You Adopt VR Training?
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