Product Updates

Talespin Platform Update 1.3

May 17, 2021
Written by:
Jieun Kim
Vice President of Product

We are excited to introduce version 1.3 of the Talespin Platform to our user community. The latest updates to our dynamic immersive learning platform includes new features that make accessing learning content and skills data easier than ever for users.

New Platform Feature Overview

  1. Super Administrator Role
  2. Lesson-Level Learning Objectives
  3. Direct Link to Desktop Streaming
  4. Skill Performance History Chart
  5. Support Section
  6. Filter Training by Skill(s)
  7. Improved Navigation

1. Super Administrator Role

The new Super Administrator role allows organizations to better manage two key features within the Talespin Platform. Super administrators will be able to lock and unlock the auto-add license feature to ensure that licenses are available when needed, while managing usage. They also have the ability to set and unset the default team, making sure that new users are added to the correct team. 

2. Lesson-Level Learning Objectives

Understand lesson-level learning objectives

Lessons now display learning objectives that have been specifically defined for the selected lesson within a learning content module. This feature also gives administrators and managers a more detailed view into each learning objective.

3. Direct Link to Desktop Streaming Training

Customers who have licensed our learning content library via browser-based streaming will now see a link within the Talespin Platform that allows them to directly access these services. Users can either copy the link and share it with learners directly, or click it in order to launch a streaming-based training session.

4. Skill Performance History

View learning proficiency over time

The Skill Performance History chart is designed to track a learner’s skills proficiency across multiple training attempts. This chart shows a learner’s progression on developing specific skills over time.  The chart legend indicates the name of each skill, and by hovering over a specific data point, administrators and managers will see a tooltip displaying the following information:

  1. Training Attempt Date / Time
  2. Skill Name
  3. Skill Points Earned

5. Support Section

We have added a support section within the main navigation to make it easier for users to locate customer support information. This section includes a link to the Talespin Knowledge Base, a button to directly email customer support, and a link to the platform status page.

6. Filter Training by Skill(s)

Filter training content based on skills

To allow administrators and managers to quickly search the learning content catalog, we’ve added the ability to filter learning content by one or more skills. This filter can be applied to both licensed content, and content that is available to license within our catalog. 

7. Improved Navigation

We have updated our navigation breadcrumb to be more user-friendly and standardized across the Talespin Platform. Now with longer titles displayed as a part of the navigation breadcrumb, users will be able to expand and collapse them with ease, and without distorting the overall appearance of the dashboard.

If you have questions about this update, or would like to learn more about Talespin, please feel free to contact us. Stay tuned for future updates on the Talespin blog. We are always looking for ways to better support our user community, and your input can help us continue to transform the future of work together.

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