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CoPilot Designer v2.4

November 14, 2021
Written by:
Talespin Team

It’s time again for another exciting update to CoPilot Designer! Version 2.4 includes a great new timesaving feature, as well as new virtual humans and virtual environment assets for creators to use while building learning content. Enabling the creation of effective immersive learning content is top of mind as we add new features, and work to empower a community of creators to author the next generation of immersive learning experiences.

Hello Templates! 

CoPilot Designer creators, we heard you loud and clear! While creating content in CoPilot Designer is intuitive, we’re always looking for ways to make it even easier. CoPilot Designer version 2.4 includes the introduction of easy-to-use content templates to help creators quickly layout their narrative design.

These quickstart templates give the author a pre-structured flow, where dialogue can be added to achieve the learning objectives. Here’s a preview of the new templates that are available for use in this update:

Use templates to jump start immersive learning content creation

Three by Three: This flow type contains decision points with three user choices leading to three virtual human responses. This is ideal for one-time experiences and straightforward conversations.

Informational: This flow type contains only virtual human dialogue, with no decision points or user choices. This is ideal for instruction or other types of limited user engagement.

Realistic Branching: This flow type contains a network of user choices and virtual human dialogue. This is ideal for portraying a broad range of outcomes and behaviors. Additional complexity may be added using variables.

Randomization of Dialogue: This flow type is similar to realistic branching, but has the added element of chance introduced. This is ideal for portraying the same experience in various contexts.

Randomization with Compounds: This flow type uses randomization to link to multiple compound nodes. Each of these compounds contain flows with similar scoring, but different types of dialogue or topics. This is ideal for an experience that will be taken multiple times.

Role-play: This flow type contains a string of virtual human dialogue followed by a decision point. Depending on what choice the user selects, the virtual human will provide appropriate feedback. This is ideal for learning skills or teaching lessons.

New Face, New Places, Part 2

In our Copilot Designer version 2.3 blog post, we dove deeper into the importance of setting a strong foundation for the immersive learning experience by selecting virtual humans and environments that align to the learning scenario and learning objectives. 

New virtual human assets available in CoPilot Designer version 2.4

Version 2.4 update continues to build on our diverse library of virtual human and environment assets to enable creators to author realistic, and effective immersive learning content. In this update, creators have access to 7 new virtual human character clothing options in the casual and medical categories. 

Expanded virtual environment asset library in CoPilot Designer version 2.4

Our virtual environment asset library continues to grow as well, with the addition of a video conference setting, as well as 4 new medical and clinical virtual environments. Creators can now develop immersive learning content to help everyone practice the soft skills required to effectively connect and communicate on video conferences - from leaders to sales people to students and beyond. 

The addition of 4 new medical environments allows for content that could simulate scenarios like practicing sales for pharmaceuticals or medical devices, or difficult conversations that healthcare professionals must practice. Creators can now use the following new environments in their projects: doctor’s office, exam room, a clinical hallway, and a nurses station.

Contact us to book a free trial of CoPilot Designer, and stay tuned for future updates on the Talespin blog. We are always looking for ways to better support our user community, and your input can help us transform the future of work together.

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