Talespin Creator Program
The Creator Economy Has Arrived in Immersive Learning
Create and monetize your own immersive learning content
Why Create Immersive Learning Content?
In this new era of work, in-person training is costly and inefficient, while e-learning lacks the engagement that people need to learn new skills. Proven to accelerate learning, build confidence and create a greater emotional connection to content, immersive learning is transforming traditional learning and development.
Be an early immersive learning creator
Immersive learning is taking off, and the ecosystem needs creators to meet content demand. Reap monetary and brand exposure benefits of being an early adopter.
Convert IP to XR content
Use our platform to convert pre-existing IP to immersive learning content
Create a new revenue stream
The world’s leading enterprises are buying immersive learning content from Talespin. Add your content to our library, and earn residual income.
Differentiate yourself in the market
Earn the brand recognition and innovative reputation that comes with being an immersive content professional.
The Creator Partner Ecosystem
To reimagine the future of work, it takes an entire ecosystem. Our creators are central to achieving this ambitious mission, turning subject matter expertise into transformative immersive experiences.
Content Creators
Be part of a network of content creators, building the world’s leading library of immersive soft skills learning content. Create your own content with ease, leveraging your experience and subject matter expertise.
Authorized Partners
Gain access to a network of resellers, offering your immersive content to their customers. Our resellers are a key part of our journey to reimagine the future of work, and are doing their part to expand the immersive learning market.
Enterprise Customers
Help prepare the current and next generation workforce for the future of work, utilizing your immersive experiences.
Talespin Creator Program Overview
Creating Your Own Immersive Learning Experiences is Now a Reality
Now you can create your own virtual human role play for any learning scenario using our our no-code authoring tool.
  • Proven to deliver learning impact better than e-learning and classroom learning
  • Delivers subject matter and learning outcomes in an engaging content format
  • Offers measurable scoring and skills tracking
  • Easily create and update IP overtime via no-code authoring platform and reusable asset libraries
  • Create scalable narrative templates for use in future learning modules
  • Include a new, in-demand learning modality among existing learning products
  • Create new learning products
  • Build a new revenue stream as a creator
Explore Examples from our Creators
We’ll guide you to turn your subject matter expertise into engaging immersive learning modules, and become a part of the leading off-the-shelf content library
Active Listening &
Learners will practice asking probing questions and exercising active listening to get to the root of the problem and motivate others to solve it.
Learners will develop key skills like practicing humility, actively listening, and advocating for team members, in order to intentionally create a psychologically safe team.
Cognitive Bias
Learners will use critical thinking, logical reasoning, and other skills to recognize bias in others, as a first step to recognizing it in themselves.
Learners will develop the creative problem solving and analytical thinking skills needed to adapt to rapidly changing situations.
Marketing Support and Channel Exposure
As a member of our creator program, you will receive marketing support to help promote your immersive IP, as well as access to sell your content through Talespin’s network of channel partners.
  • Collaboration with you on sales and marketing strategy
  • Marketing collateral creation: one sheets, decks, inclusion in Talespin content catalog
  • Content distribution to Talespin sales team + channels
  • PR / announcement, content marketing, social campaign
  • Talespin website placement
  • Promotional video content
  • Events + speaking opportunities (ex. webinar)
  • App store assets (ex. Meta Quest store)
  • Talespin Platform placement
Industry-Leading Channel Partners
Have your IP represented by the best in learning and immersive technology
Content Creator Support
And Resources
The Talespin team has spent the past 6 years building a platform and content creation methodology to make immersive learning a reality for everyone. Now we’re sharing our expertise with creators to empower others to take immersive to new heights.
  • Platform / tool instructors
  • Experienced narrative / roleplay writers
  • Onboarding, training, and learning design sessions
  • Knowledgebase + training materials
  • Guides offering how-to, best practices, and tips/tricks for authoring immersive content from Talespin learning / instructional experts
  • Community forums - coming soon
Start Your Immersive Learning Journey With Talespin
We’ve built our end-to-end platform to make every aspect of immersive content creation easy for creators. Create your content, distribute it across devices within our content library, and get back engagement analytics to inform your content creation strategy.
Talespin Platform for Creators
The Talespin platform offers easy-to-adopt off-the-shelf learning content for common leadership and communication skill use cases, the ability to create custom role play simulations at scale, and skills data analytics to measure and track skills development.
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