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Talespin Platform Update 1.2

February 19, 2021
Written by:
Jieun Kim
Vice President of Product

We are excited to introduce version 1.2 of the Talespin platform to our user community. We’ve built our platform to serve as a home for XR learning journeys and skills development, and are continually working to improve its features to better serve learners and L&D teams.

This latest version of our XR learning platform brings with it several new features to improve the experience for our users.

New Platform Feature Overview

  1. Access to all lesson attempt data 
  2. Expanded training content information
  3. A new user interface color theme
  4. Team-level data export for learning performance data

1. Access to All Lesson Attempt Data

Training admins and managers can now access lesson attempt data from all user lesson attempts within a learning module.

Understanding how learners have progressed through lessons and retained information over time is important in measuring training efficacy and skills development. To help better understand learning performance, we are now enabling admins and managers to view learners’ data from all attempts of each lesson within a particular learning module. The data will default to the best attempt, and a dropdown menu will allow users to look at all other lesson attempts.

This feature is also available within the Performance tab of a selected training module to compare the learner’s initial pre-assessment with any other lesson attempts in the final assessment.

2. Expanded Training Content Information

The Talespin platform now displays metadata for learning modules, like in this example showing the metadata from the Effective Feedback learning series.

Our platform is where learners and training admins access their training content information, and reviewing that content just got easier and more visual. For each piece of content that a learner is assigned, or each piece of content that an organization has access to, users can now see everything from the description of the learning module to its learning goals and the skills taught within the module. 

New Learning Content Metadata: 

  • Module title
  • Module description
  • Learning goals
  • Learning objectives
  • Skills taught within the module
  • Learning series the module belongs to (if applicable)
  • Screenshots from the learning module
  • Module device / platform compatibility 

Our learning content library is continually growing, with exciting new content coming soon. Users will now be able to see the content their organization currently licenses, additional content that is available to license from the Talespin library, and a preview of upcoming content releases.

3. New User Interface Color Theme

The Talespin platform now features new branding for training admin and skills data dashboards.

Another noticeable change is the fresh coat of paint. We’ve kept the same great training dashboards and skills data analytics, and given them a new color scheme that reflects our refreshed company branding.

4. Team-Level Data Export

Exporting data at the team level enables training admins to review training data from specific learner cohorts.

Previously, data export was only available at the organizational level. Now, admins can quickly and efficiently download the team-level training data that they need. This functionality gives admins the ability to easily access and export data for specific learner cohorts. This feature can be found by selecting a team, updating the log in the tools tab, and downloading the log once the update has completed. This CSV format will contain the same data points as the organization-wide raw performance log for all learning modules assigned to the selected team.

If you have questions about this update, or would like to learn more about Talespin, please feel free to contact us. Stay tuned for future updates on the Talespin blog. We are always looking for ways to better support our user community, and your input can help us transform the future of work together.

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