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VR Training Platform
Improve learning outcomes, increase employee engagement, and cut training costs. Whether you use our library of pre-made VR training modules, or create your own custom VR simulations, VR training is now a reality for your team.
Proven to Deliver Better Learning Outcomes
The Talespin platform delivers learning results that far surpass what is possible with e-learning or classroom learning alternatives.
4.5x Faster learning
Upskill and reskill employees faster than e-learning or classroom learning
275% More confident employees
VR trained learners are more confident to act on what they learned after training
4.5% More Focused
VR-trained employees are 4x more focused during training
VR training is more cost effective
When deployed at scale, VR training is cheaper than classroom learning and e-learning
3.75x more emotinally connected to training content
VR's realism gives learners a stronger emotional response to training experiences
Better employee recruiting and retention
Attract new employees while helping to better engage and retain current employees
Adopt VR Training With an End-to-End Platform
Measure VR Training Performance and Skills Development
Use our platform's dashboard to track employee training performance within VR training modules. Guide talent decisions as you see skills development insights at the individual, team, and organizational level.
Distribute to VR + Desktops, and Integrate With Your LMS
Use our platform's publishing and distribution tools to make deploying content to employees simple. Deploy to VR and desktop devices, and integrate with leading LMSs and LXPs.
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