Welcome To Talespin University

December 19, 2023
Written by:
Talespin Team

We're thrilled to share a significant milestone with you - the introduction of Talespin University (TSU). This new educational platform is specifically crafted to enhance your experience with the Talespin platform, offering an all-inclusive learning portal. TSU enables you and your team to learn how to effortlessly create VR learning content using our intuitive no-code VR content authoring tool - CoPilot Designer. We're excited for you to explore the possibilities with TSU and look forward to supporting your creative journey.

All Talespin clients may access the centralized knowledge hub on Talespin University anytime to gain a deeper understanding of our products and how they can be utilized in the creation of custom learning materials tailored to their unique business needs.

Empowering Growth Through Knowledge with TSU

TSU covers a broad spectrum of learning materials, guiding users seamlessly from the fundamental basics of content creation to doing advanced techniques with CoPilot Designer. The platform offers a user-friendly, step-by-step, level-based learning program where users undergo a structured learning path, beginning with fundamental concepts like Content Planning. 

With Content Planning, users gain access to three levels. From mastering the creation of Interactive Learning Conversations where they will learn the intricacies of interactive conversation training, to an introductory course on Copilot Designer. From there, users progress to understanding how to create and implement their own content.

As users advance on their learning, they will also be exposed to the more nuanced features of CoPilot Designer, and will learn to master some of its key features such as the Flow Editor and the Performance Editor. The Flow Editor and Performance Editor levels will teach users how to do performance editing, animation design for our virtual humans and more.

With TSU, we allow learners to follow a suggested linear learning path, but for those already familiar with content creation and CoPilot Designer, they also have the option to jump straight to level 9 for an in-depth lesson on Talespin's Analytics Dashboard. The freedom to choose a learning path lies upon the learner.

So, How Does TSU Work?

Within TSU, we have carefully designed a nine-level learning journey, which starts with understanding  the basics of interactive learning conversations and progressing to the stage of publishing learning content on Talespin for thorough validation and review. At each level, users engage with a series of in-depth lessons tailored to the specific focus of that level

Below, we’ve compiled a short summary of the first 5 levels within Talespin University:

Meet The TSU Team

Each level within TSU has been meticulously designed by experts within our dedicated Learning Services division. Rest assured that the material has been thoughtfully crafted to provide users with a valuable learning experience. Within each level, users will follow a narrator who is also an expert in both the field and communication, ensuring a seamless and clear presentation of the subject matter. This approach guarantees that users receive the utmost value, benefiting from the expertise of our seasoned professionals.

Unleash Your Creativity With Gen AI

Going beyond the structured learning path, TSU also introduces Premium Level content. With this premium content, we delve into how users can leverage Gen AI tools to optimize learning design processes, making them more efficient. This not only means faster content creation but also significant savings in resources for our users.

Meet Your AI-Powered TSU Assistant: JET 

We intended TSU to be a learning experience that’s not only structured, but also intuitively tailored to your needs. We wanted to go beyond creating a curriculum, but to craft a journey for learners to explore. Enter JET, our AI-powered assistant and a game changer in personalized learning. Whether it's diving deep into specific features of our products, tracking your progress in TSU, or assisting with any question you might have, JET is there to make your learning experience smooth, effortless, and uniquely yours. 

Welcome to a world where your curiosity leads the way, seamlessly supported by cutting-edge technology.