Immersive Learning

Virtual Reality Has Real Business Impacts

March 3, 2020
Written by:
Kyle Jackson
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

When people hear the term “virtual reality,” their first thought might be of a futuristic video game, or a great sci-fi movie involving aliens, outer space, and future worlds. With the entertainment industry being one of the first to adopt immersive technology, many people are just now realizing how effective virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) — or extended reality (XR) — can be in other industries and use cases. Human resources leaders, for example, are beginning to discover the profound impact VR and AR can have in the workplace.

HR departments across industries are under stress and may face conflicting priorities as the rise of artificial intelligence and automation bumps against the need to recruit and retain talent. As a result, HR departments may be facing obstacles, including a widening skills gap, a lack of interest from young professionals, and the shifting desires of the emerging workforce. To address these challenges in 2019, HR teams should consider integrating immersive solutions as a key part of their workforce and people operations strategy.

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