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The ROI of XR Skills Training - Think Tank Tuesday ft. Kyle Jackson

November 9, 2020
Written by:
Kyle Jackson
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

In this current remote environment, online learning platforms are proving paramount for organizations to equip their workforce with the tools required to excel in their role. In recent years, adoption of XR training applications has been on the rise as we prepare for the future of work. Covid is demanding organizations to evaluate their digital transformation strategies, and adapt to the accelerated timeline determined by the pandemic. XR skills training is leading the way of learning and development platforms, proven to be exponentially effective, and cheaper at scale. 

Talespin CEO and Co-Founder, Kyle Jackson, joins Jeremy Dalton (PwC), Susan Spark (Schlumberger) and Amy Peck (Endeavor VR) to discuss the ROI of XR skills training, on Industrial XR Forum’s first Think Tank Tuesday panel, moderated by Charlie Fink.