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Talespin 2023 Predictions for Immersive Learning

March 8, 2023
Written by:
Talespin Team

From the Covid pandemic to the Great Resignation to the market turbulence of 2022, we know how difficult it can be to predict what's ahead in business. But across our executive suite, we like to think we've got a pretty good handle on what could be around the corner in 2023 when it comes to the topics we know best: Immersive Learning, Web 3.0, and the Metaverse.

In this blog post, we polled Talespin experts to get their thoughts on what they expect for these topics - and more - in the year ahead.

The answers may surprise you – and they will certainly make you think.

Let's dive in.

Immersive Learning and Soft Skills

One of the most powerful use cases for Immersive Learning is in the area of soft skills. More and more employees say they value empathy from their company leaders, and yet many managers are not trained in critical soft skills. Immersive Learning provides a key avenue for workers to build and practice their soft skills in a safe environment.

“Considering economic conditions, the continuously accelerating speed of business and the increased demand for ROI from time spent in learning activities, we expect exponential interest in immersive learning from companies beyond the Fortune 500 as well as higher education institutions and programs.  This is based largely on impressive data-driven results such as  PwC’s finding that VR learning is more effective and efficient than traditional means, including in-person learning and e-learning.  It will  become increasingly obvious to shrewd business leaders that the inclusion of immersive learning content in existing programs is a game changer.”

  • Stephen Fromkin, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer

"For far too long, soft skills have been the overlooked little brother of the skills conversation – in favor of  technical knowledge and expertise. In a world where trust and empathy are more important than ever, soft skills are no longer a nice-to-have skillset, it's table stakes for any leader across industries."  

  • Travis Falstad, Vice President, Learning Experience Design

The Metaverse and Web 3.0

We've come a long way in a very short time when it comes to the Metaverse and Web 3.0. But in many ways, we are still just scratching the surface. In the months ahead we should see accelerating adoption, but also the critical ways in which the Metaverse and Web 3.0 will shape our lives in the future.

“Market cycles in the macro economy are colliding with the weeding out of bad actors in emerging markets (FTX) against a backdrop of an AI awakening (ChatGPT) for the general public and business leaders . When combined, these forces will accelerate us to a new model for employment. We are going to be in the eye of that storm for the next several years.  It is going to be bumpy, uncomfortable, and challenge a lot of our structures and norms from education to the workplace. However, this type of disruption is exactly what leads to the  building of new foundations that will carry us forward."

  • Kyle Jackson, CEO and Co-Founder, Talespin

"2023 could truly be the year of Mixed Reality. We're seeing huge investments from Apple, with their Reality Pro headset to HTC and Lenovo entering the market. These investments are happening because businesses realize that the future of the Metaverse won't take place in an exclusively virtual world – it'll be a world which combines and enhances the physical and digital in a seamless manner. This technology has the potential to be transformative everywhere from hospitals to factories to classrooms to corporate offices."

  • Kristin Torrence, Head of Learning Engineering

“Despite the many definitions of the Metaverse, this is the key takeaway that marketers and brands should pay attention to: regardless of the technologies at play—virtual worlds accessed by computers, immersive VR experiences, mobile AR content, etc.—people are consuming a new category of digital experiences. These experiences present tremendous opportunities, challenges, and implications for marketing.”

  • Justin McLaughlin, VP of Marketing

“We have entered a new era of marketing where immersive technology has completely transformed how marketers connect with consumers. People and brands have so much more space for creativity and purpose driven initiatives with the evolution and growth of  VR, AR, and AI. The ability to design a multiverse with new forms of digital engagement will be a catalyst to fostering more diverse and inclusive experiences.”

  • Lulit Solomon, Director of Marketing and Communications

Macroeconomic Trends

It's been a roller coaster ride for the markets in recent years: from the pandemic, to supply chain disruptions, to the hiring wars, to The Great Resignation. But upskilling is key to workers and workforces in any market climate.

"We've gone from The Great Resignation to a looming recession in just a few short months. For workers, they've had to deal with extreme volatility in the job market. And employers are facing workforce challenges. The one common thread through these extremes is the importance of upskilling: at Talespin we believe the ability to acquire new skills quickly and effectively will become one of the coveted traits in any job candidate or worker."

  • Ram Venkat, Chief Financial Officer

"Every business was impacted by the pandemic and forced into the digital realm. And now that they've taken the first step into the digital world, it no longer seems so intimidating. As a result, expect to see rapid traction and customer adoption for all things VR as companies find new use cases for their specific industries.  Companies that are already in the space will look to further optimize how they leverage this technology – looking to maximize ROI in a choppy economic environment.

  • Annie Thompson, CRO, Talespin

"Hybrid and remote work are here to stay. But that doesn't mean we cannot improve how we work: we expect that the Metaverse and VR will become the critical bridge between in-person and remote work, ensuring that we get the best of real-life interactions along with a dispersed workforce."

  • Harmen Veling, Director People & Operations, Talespin

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: these are some of the topics and ideas that are top of mind for our Talespin experts in 2023 and beyond. We hope it helps you navigate an industry that is rapidly accelerating both in terms of technology and use cases. Only you will know what is best for your team, department, and company - but the businesses that win tomorrow will be the ones that are thinking about their future, today.

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