Future of Work

Gerber Kawasaki Webinar, ft. Kyle Jackson: The Future of Work Part II

August 27, 2020
Written by:
Kyle Jackson
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Organizations were already heading towards a substantial shift in the way they work. AI and other immersive technologies were forecast to lead the way into inevitable transformation to define the future of work. COVID-19 has accelerated the urgency for organizations to adopt innovation, such as XR, to provide their workforce with the tools necessary to excel in the next normal. 

Talespin CEO and Co-Founder, Kyle Jackson, joined Emerson Taymor (Philosophie CEO and Co-Founder), on Gerber Kawasaki’s webinar, hosted by managing partners, Hatem Dhiab and Ayeb Shmilovich, to discuss the future of work, and the technologies and trends that are shaping the workplace.

Watch the Webinar here: