Immersive Learning

ASU + GSV Summit Ft. Stephen Fromkin: The Future of CTE: Virtual Reality meets Online Communities

December 21, 2020
Written by:
Stephen Fromkin
Chief Content Officer, Co-Founder

With new generations entering the workforce, and the current workforce preparing for the future of work, organizations are searching for new technical skills training modalities to apply at scale.  As classroom education becomes less accessible and not scalable enough to keep pace with growing skills gaps, online communities and virtual reality are playing a crucial role within the career and technical education (CTE) industry.

These mediums provide a platform for multiple industries to advance technical skills training. Extending beyond the in-person/classroom environment, virtual reality can provide the means to increase retention of learning content, as well as support training for more learners simultaneously than was possible previously.

Talespin Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, Stephen Fromkin, joined Katy Kappler, Founder of Inscribe, and Chris Janzen, Vice President, Academic Technology of ECMC Group at the ASU GSV Summit in a discussion about how virtual reality and online learning can help prepare people for employer-aligned careers.