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Talespin Announces Expanded Immersive Soft Skills Learning Content Library, Adds Desktop Streaming Support to Platform

Published on
April 29, 2021

Los Angeles, Calif., April 29, 2021 -- Today Talespin Reality Labs, Inc., a spatial computing company focused on workforce knowledge transfer and skills insights, announced the expansion of its off-the-shelf learning content library and the addition of desktop content streaming support for its platform. In this update, Talespin adds new ‘Recognizing Bias’ and ‘Practicing Self-Awareness’ content titles to its library of immersive soft skills learning content. Previously available only on extended reality (XR) devices, the learning modules can now be streamed via web browsers on desktop devices, lowering the barrier to entry for immersive learning. 

Talespin expands its immersive off-the-shelf soft skills learning library.

The new content and streaming capabilities come at a time when individuals and enterprises need flexible learning tools that can offer effective upskilling and reskilling. According to the Congressional Research Service, unemployment rates during the COVID-19 pandemic reached a 70-year high at 14.8% in April 2020. Pew Research found in February 2021 that among unemployed adults, 66% have considered changing their occupation or field of work, exposing the need for more agile reskilling and skills insights solutions to guide professional development. 

“The past year has proven the impact that better learning and deeper skills data can have on solving workforce development challenges,” said Kyle Jackson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Talespin. “Our new desktop streaming capability and content will bring the benefits of immersive learning to our customers and learners at scale.” 

Established as a leader in skills-based immersive learning, Talespin has built a library of training content across key leadership and communication skills use cases. The company is actively engaging new communities with its content offering and desktop streaming support by expanding its social impact acceleration partnership with JFFLabs, an innovative market-facing unit of JFF, a national nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems. JFFLabs is utilizing Talespin’s new training solution in partnership with SAP to engage high school-age learners from three regions, including Queens, NY, St. Paul, MN, and Hammond, LA in Southeastern Louisiana. The eight-week program provides high school-aged students a unique immersive learning opportunity to learn employability skills, while increasing student engagement in and persistence toward educational and career goals.

“The workforce of the future needs prepared leaders with strong communication skills, who can learn and lead, creating a model for work that’s collaborative, inclusive, and productive. Talespin’s new immersive learning content and desktop streaming platform capabilities align with our mission to lower the barrier to entry for professional development, and to accelerate skill attainment and greater accessibility to advanced technology,” said Stephen Yadzinski, senior innovation officer, JFF. “We are excited to expand our partnership with Talespin to continue driving social impact in learning and education.” 

New Immersive Learning Content

The new learning modules are powered by Talespin’s CoPilot virtual human training technology, enabling learners to develop crucial softs skills through role play with virtual human characters. The modules feature real-time scoring and feedback for user skills development, and integrate with the Talespin platform for skills data reporting. 

  • Recognizing Bias Module: Learners take on the role of a producer at a fictional large tech company. They are tasked with filling a programmer position with an experienced candidate who can hit the ground running. The learner must interview three candidates and find the right one for the role, while navigating their own biases. They will learn how to identify and mitigate the common biases found in the workplace.
  • Practicing Self-Awareness Module: Learners take on the role of an account manager who recently had to let an important client know that the team will not be able to meet an agreed upon deadline. After a stressful exchange with their boss about the missed deadline, the learner must effectively identify and manage their emotions in a follow up meeting with the internal project manager to establish what went wrong. 

New Desktop Content Streaming Support

Talespin’s desktop streaming technology enables users to access emotionally realistic immersive learning content through a secure website link on Mac and PC devices, improving accessibility for users. Talespin’s content streaming uses advanced virtual human animations, conversational interactions and voice input to deliver a level of quality and user engagement beyond that of traditional role play or remote learning solutions like e-learning and video. Employees can use this training anywhere, and repeat training scenarios, all in a safe place to fail and learn without judgement. 

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About Talespin

Talespin is building the spatial computing platform to power talent development and skills mobility for the future of work. Founded in 2015, the company leverages its proprietary XR technology platform to deliver XR-based learning and training applications, mixed reality field tools to support employee job performance, and a new skills-based approach to work and productivity. With offices in Los Angeles and Utrecht, The Netherlands, Talespin is building a future of work where the distance between learning and execution is collapsed, enabling people to explore unique career paths that meet the needs of both businesses and individuals.

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