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Talespin Announces ‘CoPilot Designer’ No-Code Authoring Tool for Immersive Learning Content, Expands Platform With New Distribution App and Skills Data Features

Published on
May 11, 2021

Los Angeles, Calif., May 11, 2021 -- Today Talespin, a spatial computing company focused on workforce knowledge transfer and skills insights, announced the debut of CoPilot Designer, a no-code authoring tool for immersive soft skills learning content available on PC and Mac devices. In addition, Talespin released new features for its skills data platform, and the new Talespin App, enabling organizations and learners to easily access learning content across XR devices. These additions to Talespin’s product ecosystem integrate with its recently announced desktop streaming capability and expanded content library to offer an end-to-end platform for content creation, distribution, and skills data.

The proven ROI of immersive learning technology is invaluable as organizations and individuals face growing skills gaps and the need for large scale workforce reskilling. However, friction around the cost and complexity of creating and distributing immersive content, as well as the bespoke nature of apps and solutions in the market have prevented it from solving the reskilling problem at scale. Talespin’s platform updates are designed to drastically lower these barriers to entry, giving organizations a clear path to creating and delivering immersive learning, and presenting new opportunities for content creators. 

“As immersive learning has matured and proven itself as a medium, the need for technology and content standards that advance its adoption have grown,” said Kyle Jackson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Talespin. “We are excited to support a host of new content creators, organizations, and the immersive learning ecosystem as a whole with our expanded platform offering.”

Established as an early leader in immersive learning, Talespin has been focused on building a product suite that helps individuals and organizations adopt the technology for their skills development and assessment needs. ConcannonXR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Concannon Business Consulting, has been announced as one of the first customers for the new products, and will be using them to create immersive learning content modules for clients in the automotive industry. 

“At ConcannonXR, we are committed to evaluating and providing the best immersive VR solutions to our customers and their employees,” said Mark Concannon, CEO and Founder, ConcannonXR. “We are excited to be working with Talespin, and using their innovative no-code learning content creation technology to help our customers leverage cutting edge solutions to train and practice evolving skills.”

CoPilot Designer

The new design tool enables authors to create dynamic conversational learning experiences where people practice role play with emotionally realistic virtual humans to develop crucial soft skills. 

“CoPilot Designer’s transformative approach to animation offers unprecedented simplicity in the customization of virtual human emotions, poses, and gestures. The tool’s ability to control emotional nuance, and quickly assemble complex narratives greatly reduces the skill level and time needed to create immersive conversational learning content.” - Jeroen de Cloe, Chief Innovation Officer, Talespin

The tool’s intuitive no-code editing interface gives users complete control over learning content, narrative design structure, and virtual human animations. Content created with CoPilot Designer can be distributed across XR devices using the new Talespin App, PC/Mac applications, and the company’s recently announced desktop browser streaming capabilities. 

  • Deliver emotionally engaging, voice-driven learning experiences 
  • Intuitive UX/UI to create and refine story-based learning narratives with advanced logic 
  • No animation or coding experience required. Users can easily create complex conversational simulations that feature custom combinations of voice, emotions, and body language for virtual humans
  • Supports learning designers, visual designers, and narrative designers in creating a new generation of immersive learning content
  • Allows creators to author content using an extensive library of virtual characters, voices, gestures, poses, emotions, and environments
  • Content deployable via the Talespin App, where users can access all available immersive learning content through their VR headset, including Oculus Quest and HTC Vive, desktop applications, and secure desktop browser links

Talespin App

The Talespin App hosts immersive learning content where learners practice role play with virtual human characters.

The Talespin App gives users access to the full library of available content in one central location, including Talespin’s off-the-shelf learning content, and an organization’s custom titles. With the Talespin App, users experience engaging lessons and scenarios, accelerated learning, and built-in performance scoring to track skills development. 

  • Publish and display learning content titles in the Talespin App lobby
  • Integrates with the Talespin Platform to manage users and content permissions
  • In-app performance scoring and real-time feedback for immersive content modules
  • Skills data reporting to the Talespin Platform’s dashboard

Talespin Platform Updates

In addition to CoPilot Designer and the Talespin App, the company announced version 1.3 of the Talespin Platform. The Talespin Platform offers skills insights to help with talent development, management, and career planning. This includes scoring and reporting on the results of immersive learning modules. 

  • Skill performance history
  • Direct link to desktop streaming content modules
  • Filter training by skill
  • Lesson-level learning objectives
  • Improved navigation
  • Super admin role
  • Improved support section

Visit to learn more, or contact Talespin to book a demo. 

About Talespin

Talespin is building the spatial computing platform to power talent development and skills mobility for the future of work. Founded in 2015, the company leverages its proprietary XR technology platform to deliver XR-based learning and training applications, mixed reality field tools to support employee job performance, and a new skills-based approach to work and productivity. With offices in Los Angeles and Utrecht, The Netherlands, Talespin is building a future of work where the distance between learning and execution is collapsed, enabling people to explore unique career paths that meet the needs of both businesses and individuals.

Talespin’s investors include Cornerstone, Farmers Insurance Exchange, and HTC. Learn more at

About ConcannonXR

ConcannonXR, Inc. (CXR) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Concannon Business Consulting, Inc. (CBC) and was founded to help enterprise clients discover the power and potential of the augmented and virtual world. Since 2006, the Concannon team has been bringing leading edge technology to enterprise clients. Now, through CXR, we are working closely with partners across the extended reality ecosystem, to develop solutions for clients to leverage technology to meet the ever-changing demands for remote training and employee upskill development. Headquartered in Long Beach, CA with offices in Dallas, Tx., Seattle, WA, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN and Detroit, MI, CXR supports diverse industries with VR/AR strategy development, technology implementation consulting, and XR technology managed services.